Join Quest Software’s Kevin Kline as he takes you on a guided tour of some of the worst and most horrible IT experiences.  Some of them were intention and some were accidental, but all of them will make you wince. Most are great for a laugh!  Plus, those who share their own IT horror stories get a prize!

After all, there are two ways to learn lessons: mimicry and avoidance.  So you could attend another session to learn how to do something the right way and then repeat that model in the future (mimicry). This session shows you the wrong way(s) of doing things so that you can avoid them in the future.  

Topics of discussion include not only SQL Server and technology horror stories, but also stories about the interpersonal side of the IT industry. After all, everyone has had a boss like David Brent and Michael Scott (both of The Office).

So join Kevin and other industry veterans in the audiences as they laugh and share their own in-the-trenches lessons learned the hard way.

Prerequisites: General IT experience, including developer or administrator experience with the SQL Server relational engine.
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Presented by Quest at SQLBits X