0 to an fully functional teams bot in 20 minutes!
After understanding the basics, lets take the next step in data modeling in Power BI!
Tired of slow performing Power BI solutions? Sick of user complaints that their report takes forever to render? If you answered “YES” to either one of the questions above, join us for this session packed with best practices and tips to avoid secret (and non-secret) killers of the Power BI performance! No slides, no long story – it’s just YOU, Power BI, and us!
This session will walk you through three different ways to set up an affordable Azure based Data Warehouse solution. Covering pros and cons with each of the architectures.
In this presentation you'll see many unique and creative ways to implement both both bookmarks and buttons to supercharge the filter and navigation experience for your users.
Oh my goodness - the BI Power Hour is back!!
Learn how to unlock massive datasets for interactive analysis, accelerating time to insight, and reducing TCO.
Make the most of the data in Dataverse-based Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics 365 with Power BI.
Does your organisation need to manage the deployment of Power BI better? Join this session to learn how to shorten the time to deploy new features to your users while ensuring you maintain a standard for high quality using tools such as Azure DevOps and Power BI deployment Pipelines.
Generate tables of data using the #table M function in Power Query
This data governance session guides you through the organization processes, policies and roles that are required for a successful data governance adoption. In addition to demos showing the possibilities of Azure Purview (the MS data governance service), we will share about experiences from our data governance workshops and adoption projects with our customers.
Azure SQL performance capabilities, how to configure and maintain your Azure SQL for higher performance. We will explore various monitoring tools and pick few scenarios for deeper troubleshooting. In this demo centric session, we will tune our database and find an optimal ground to manage cost. We will generate Power BI powered database score card for trend analysis.
Data and insights are only valuable when you can collaborate and take action on them, and those insights need to meet the business where they spend their time. The Power BI team are going to do this through Teams and SharePoint, and in productivity apps like Office, and in this session we’ll outline the plans and roadmap for this.
Govern your Power BI estate and setup your DTAP approach for Power BI using DevOps or native deployment pipelines!
Learn how to and why you should protect your data with Row Level Security in SQL Server and Power BI.
Reality Check on Microsofts Enterprise Scale Analytics Framework
A tale about how a development team and an operations team must bond together and figure out how to use GitHub and Azure DevOps together for Data Platform deployments.
In this session you will learn how to keep you data up to date i Power BI.
Join the Power Query Dataflows product team to learn about current state and future plans for Power Query, Connectors & Dataflows capabilities in Power BI and beyond.
This session will help you find the best strategy for managing your Power BI workspaces. Should you go for as much automation as possible or do careful manual process? Should you have few people controlling everything or should everyone do as they want? All this and more you will find in this session.
Curious what Azure Synapse Analytics brings to the table? Bring your scuba gear, as we take a dive and explore everything it has to offer!
Why PBI Premium Gen2 should replace SSAS and AAS in your toolset.
Performance tune Power Query in Power BI and Power BI Dataflows
Power BI Adoption Roadmap: A Whirlwind Tour
In this 20 minute session, you will learn everything you need to know about bookmarks. We will start with creating your first bookmark to multiple bookmarks by understanding advanced settings that usually get overlooked. We will also look at how we can ease the design and Maintainance of bookmarks by using features like grouping, renaming, selection pane, and naming conventions. By the end of the session, you will learn to apply bookmarks like a pro!
Level up your Power BI capability by using calculation groups to simplify time intelligence (WTD, MTD, etc) and more
Come and learn this low-code tool to create your own visuals in Power BI
Take Power BI to the next level to support BIG data, as well as layering logic over the top of an existing cube or dataset for unlimited flexibility.
During this session, the core concepts of Power BI Dataflows will be explained, and we'll discuss how Power BI Dataflows could alleviate some of the specific problems you might be experiencing in your current architecture.
On this session I'll show the most useful and powerful development features on Power BI Desktop and external tools
Learn how to deploy Power BI at scale within a large Enterprise. The mantra behind this is “discipline at the core, flexibility at the edge” - we will cover deploying appropriate guardrails/controls whilst still retaining the notion of “self-service” within the organization.
Power BI licensing can be confusing. In this talk we'll cover the difference between user licensing and capacity licensing.
Liven up your Power BI reports with spatial analytics. Which visuals fit best for different map types with a deep dive of more advanced mapping themes.
Learn how to use Performance Analyzer in Power BI to get a first idea of performance bottlenecks in Power BI reports.
Learn security and governance tips for your Power BI estate and avoid common pitfalls.
Everything you need to know for impelenting a Lakehouse in the enterprise
As far upstream as possible. As far downstream as necessary. In 20 minutes.
Learn how to present arguments with data to effectively communicate the insights you need to get across
Understanding how DAX determines evaluation context is a critical skill for a Power BI Developer. Writing anything other than the most simple measures requires this skill. In this session we'll explore Filter Context and Row Context individually, and how they combine to form Evaluation Context. We'll have a look at a number of simple measures and visualise how the context affects them.
Join this session to explore the psychology behind UI/UX principles, with a live demo to implement these principles, transforming a total mess of a report into something you could proudly present at a shareholder meeting!
Introduce VertiPaq Analyzer features in DAX Studio and as a library available in other tools.
Bidirectional filters are a powerful tool, probably too powerful for most data models. In this quick talk we show the reason why most users should avoid using the feature, unless they understand well the implications.
In this session Alberto compares different models with a star schema, showing the technical details why a star schema is quite always the best choice.
Data on its own is useful, but boring. Data in story form makes people sit up and take notice. Learn to craft effective stories and maximise the impact of your data communication.
In this session you’ll learn about some of these advanced analytical features in Power BI, including: the Analytics pane on visuals; the Key Influencers visual and other AI features.
Azure Synapse Analytics combines the power of Data Lakes with Data Warehouses, empowering the organizations to build Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence in one single platform.
Learn the tools and techniques you can use to create governance and insights around your Azure spend