Some types of data are a very bad fit for a database. Join me to see how to survive with a database full of data that should not be stored there. I will demonstrate how to deal with billions of rows of logs without trashing the database, how to store millions of pictures effectively and how to deal with dynamic attributes in a sensible way.
Tired of slow performing Power BI solutions? Sick of user complaints that their report takes forever to render? If you answered “YES” to either one of the questions above, join us for this session packed with best practices and tips to avoid secret (and non-secret) killers of the Power BI performance! No slides, no long story – it’s just YOU, Power BI, and us!
Understand the automatic performance changes in Azure SQL and SQL Server
Version control provides benefits beyond DevOps automation.
Oh my goodness - the BI Power Hour is back!!
A session for DBAs considering where their career needs to go.
Join this session for a deep dive on secure enclaves in Always Encrypted. We will explore how the SQL Server database engine uses enclaves internally. We will dissect the end-to-end query processing workflow, so that you understand how attestation and the key release protocol work. You will learn about how to optimize the performance of your enclave queries and about the latest Always Encrypted investments in Azure SQL and other Azure data services.
SQL Server 2022's latest developer enhancements from the Product Group.
Improve the quality of your T-SQL code with the free tool ScriptDom
What do index rebuilds and defrags really do?
How to write stored procedures that have a high likelihood of performing well and are easy to troubleshoot.
How do we as report builders understand what our customers want and need in a report.
Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing solve the age old problem of integrating operational processes with analytical capabilities within a single system. Find out what they're and how they deliver value
In this demo filled session we see how we use ksqlDB to gain real-time insights into streaming data. We look at push/pull queries, User Defined Functions, tables and streams.
In this session, you will learn where data lives in a computer system, and the key performance metrics used to understand the health and performance of your storage subsystem.
Dynamic SQL is great, until it is used to hack your site. In this session we demonstrate how using the T-SQL "Execute AS" command can limit what can be run using dynamic SQL.
For over 30 years, Microsoft has been leading the charge with innovations in the database spaced based on YOUR feedback and requirements. In this session, learn about the more recent innovations and customers, and how we're aiming to build the best operational database on the planet, anywhere you are. Database services covered include SQL Server, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, and Azure Arc.
Learn how to build the best hybrid data strategy with Azure Stack and Azure Arc.
Join me to learn how to migrate a traditional DW transformation process to Spark/Scala based platform and reuse existed experience