Tired of slow performing Power BI solutions? Sick of user complaints that their report takes forever to render? If you answered “YES” to either one of the questions above, join us for this session packed with best practices and tips to avoid secret (and non-secret) killers of the Power BI performance! No slides, no long story – it’s just YOU, Power BI, and us!
This session will walk you through three different ways to set up an affordable Azure based Data Warehouse solution. Covering pros and cons with each of the architectures.
Asking questions is a very powerful tool, but can be bothersome to wield. By making sure we're supplying the other party with the compact information they need, and making sure we're "forcing" them to give a decent answer, there's a lot more information we can receive. By getting the information we need, we'll be able to proceed quicker, and getting to results faster.
Learn how to unlock massive datasets for interactive analysis, accelerating time to insight, and reducing TCO.
Use power bi to support strategic initiatives in process improvement and data architecture
Tips and tricks to help you get rid of digital overwhelm
Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning.
Power BI Adoption Roadmap: A Whirlwind Tour
Tips and tricks to boost your LinkedIn profile and social presence
There is a time and a place for everything. John and Rob, being consultants, often say "Well, it depends" Lets talk about some of the times when the "rules" may not fit
Join this session to explore the psychology behind UI/UX principles, with a live demo to implement these principles, transforming a total mess of a report into something you could proudly present at a shareholder meeting!