Are you planning a migrating of your data platform to Azure Synapse Analytics? Is it currently based on Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake Storage? Make sure to grab these 10 tips! We'll talk about Spark compatibilities, orchestration pitfalls and solution deployment differences.
A guide to available services and solutions for timeseries data
After understanding the basics, lets take the next step in data modeling in Power BI!
Tired of slow performing Power BI solutions? Sick of user complaints that their report takes forever to render? If you answered “YES” to either one of the questions above, join us for this session packed with best practices and tips to avoid secret (and non-secret) killers of the Power BI performance! No slides, no long story – it’s just YOU, Power BI, and us!
In this demo-filled session we get an overview of Azure Data Explorer, which is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices, and more. We look at how to ingest data, as well as query in real-time against billions of rows with sub-second latency.
Understand how to get started with any machine learning project using Databricks AutoML
Overview to some of the more popular Azure Data Engineering services used to analyze data
In this presentation you'll see many unique and creative ways to implement both both bookmarks and buttons to supercharge the filter and navigation experience for your users.
Oh my goodness - the BI Power Hour is back!!
Learn how to unlock massive datasets for interactive analysis, accelerating time to insight, and reducing TCO.
A intro session showing the whys, how's and what's for building a Data Lakehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics
Use power bi to support strategic initiatives in process improvement and data architecture
Find out everything you need to know to get started with Azure Cosmos DB in 20 minutes or less.
This data governance session guides you through the organization processes, policies and roles that are required for a successful data governance adoption. In addition to demos showing the possibilities of Azure Purview (the MS data governance service), we will share about experiences from our data governance workshops and adoption projects with our customers.
Deployment == Return on investment. This session looks to show you how to do that for Machine Learning.
DW Automation and Design Best Practices
Data and insights are only valuable when you can collaborate and take action on them, and those insights need to meet the business where they spend their time. The Power BI team are going to do this through Teams and SharePoint, and in productivity apps like Office, and in this session we’ll outline the plans and roadmap for this.
Reality Check on Microsofts Enterprise Scale Analytics Framework
Tips and tricks for getting the best performance out of Spark SQL on Synapse Analytics while keeping costs under control.