During this session, we will talk about Azure Databricks' key features, and typical scenarios where Spark can fit, will see a lot of demos and I will share my top list of Azure Databricks best practices.
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Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. These are all big words we hear coming into our businesses lately - but what does it all mean?! Microsoft has created a set of simple and scalable tools that any developer can use and integrate into their applications super quickly! This session will focus on the various Cognitive Service offerings, where we can understand why and when we should use Pre-Build AI. Come and learn how to take advantage of these awesome services for your everyday work!
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Delta Live Tables is a new framework available in Databricks that aims to accelerate building data pipelines by providing out of the box scheduling, dependency resolution, data validation and logging. We'll cover the basics, and then get into the demo's to show how we can: - Setup a notebook to hold our code and queries - Ingest quickly and easily into bronze tables using Auto Loader - Create views and tables on top of the ingested data using SQL and/or python to build our silver and gold layers - Create a pipeline to run the notebook - See how we can run the pipeline as either a batch job, or as a continuous job for low latency updates - Use APPLY CHANGES INTO to upsert changed data into a live table - Apply data validation rules to our live table definition queries, and get detailed logging info on how many records caused problems on each execution. By the end of the session you should have a good view of whether this can help you build our your next data project faster, and make it more reliable.
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In this session, we will cut through the marketing buzzwords to share experiences, tips, and tricks on how to be successful with Data Science and Analytics in the real world. Tune in to hear the team share real-world experience and get takeaways from industry insiders on real projects with impact. We will also discuss the ethics and fairness of Data Science and Analytics projects and how we can be more inclusive from a technology, people, and process standpoint.
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Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning.
Building a Data Quality implementation in Purview using the Glossary and Databricks
This session will discuss a custom solution we have built to solve the problem of row level encryption in a highly complex data lake.
The art of choosing the perfect set of actions to reach the ultimate value that can be achieved.
Curious what Azure Synapse Analytics brings to the table? Bring your scuba gear, as we take a dive and explore everything it has to offer!
An introduction to becoming a Data Engineer, Anna, Mikey and Ust will introduce the technology stack, tools and development skills needed for data engineering and show you how and where to go to learn them. We'll also show you how the skills you already have can kickstart your journey to becoming a Data Engineer.
This session is designed to explore some of the powerful features that made Databricks the leader in the Gartner 2021 Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning.
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Tinkered with Powershell but not with Python yet? Let's get you started, and we'll do that with some practical examples focussed around talking to SQL Server and importing and exporting some data.
DBA and Data scientists should work together! Analyzing data gathered with XE and Query Store data using R or Python for better database insight and discovering hidden patterns.
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The most challenging area of machine learning are Data acquisition, Feature extraction, Feature Selection. Almost in all data science project, 80% of time people spend in Data acquisition and Feature engineering.
AI and data is at the center of the digital feedback loops. We have invested in a comprehensive portfolio of AI tools, infrastructure and services. Come to this session to get an update of Azure AI with demos.
Taken from the 20+ years of field experiences, many common statistical and data science mistakes have been detected. Session will tackle couple of them.
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Learn how Azure supports interactive, exploratory notebooks (e.g. Jupyter) for data processing and experimentation across a range of scales from simple single-computer work up to massively parallel Databricks clusters.
Learn to make better analytic solutions by following current thoughts on data modeling.
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Databricks, Lakes & Parquet are a match made in heaven, but explode with extra power when using Delta Lake. This session will dive into the details of how Databricks Delta works and how to make the most of it.
In this session, we will discover how to utilize common machine learning approaches for daily SQL Server DBA tasks.