A quick 20 minute discuss about learning how to deal with emotional hurdles when working for a SQL Celebrity.
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Oh my goodness - the BI Power Hour is back!!
1 in 7 people are neurodivergent: our brains are wired differently and we experience the world in unusual ways. If you lead a team, there’s a good chance you’ve met one or more of us! Building a culture where neurodivergent people thrive takes work, but the rewards are immense. In this session I’ll share my experience as a neurodivergent woman in data. We’ll discuss your questions, challenges, and ideas and opportunities for inclusion in a safe and supportive space.
The video is not available to view online.
This session will reiterate the importance of creating a safe environment for all people and voices and how to apply specific principles in your own life so you can make space for others to flourish.
Tips and tricks to help you get rid of digital overwhelm
Join the group who have been working on trying to make SQLBits more inclusive. Ask us what you would like to see us do differently and how we can improve your experience at the event.
The video is not available to view online.
What does depression feel like and how can you deal with it? This talk covers a data driven approach to treating depression.
Mental health is a sensitive topic to approach with an employee, here you will learn how.
Junior makes mistakes. That's part of being junior. But we don't have to make the SAME mistakes over and over again - let's talk about how to make starting life in the tech lane a bit easier.
Intersectionality focuses on different elements of a person's identity and how this can be discriminated against, which has negative outcomes for everybody. This is an important topic for preparing new leaders in the workplace and it is crucial for people's careers.
In this panel we will discuss approaches with leaders in the field who have first hand experience of managing neurodiversity in the work place. Welcome questions from the audience as to how everyone can maximise their and their teams super powers
Scaling SQL Servers is complex and is more relevant today as the transactional and data growth rates continue to grow. In this session, we will talk about what it takes to scale SQL Server to meet the peak workload.
Learn to transform technical scenarios into compelling narratives
Come and hear our top five disasters and how we managed them (or not)
Let us walk you through our steps to triage and troubleshoot issues as they come in to make sure things get fixed in the right order at the right time and we all stay sane.
An honest look at how to succeed in tech, despite your brain's best efforts to stop you.