Learn how to create data types in Power BI and consume them in Excel
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We will go through a brief introduction to what Machine Learning is and some of its applications. we will then explore why AutoML should be used by all; as a great starting point for anyone new to Machine Learning, as well as a time saving tool for those more experienced. Finally, we will expose a model as an endpoint and understand how we can use it. Specifically in this case how to use it in excel via VBA. Technologies I will demonstrate are: - Azure Machine Learning Studio - VS code (with Azure Machine Learning Studio extension) - Python - VBA
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Find out what query folding is, why it's important for performance and what can stop it happening.
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How to make you reports more intuitive, by looking at how you brain processes information in two modes
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Generate tables of data using the #table M function in Power Query
"Don't force me to *think*!" - how to help people find insights in information more easily by making well-informed design decisions.
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Join the Power Query Dataflows product team to learn about current state and future plans for Power Query, Connectors & Dataflows capabilities in Power BI and beyond.
Performance tune Power Query in Power BI and Power BI Dataflows
Isn't it awkward when someone asks you, "So, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?" Brent Ozar will share how he analyzed the data job market to build his career path.
If you want to work for yourself, you need to be able to sell yourself. I know, I hate it too - it feels gross when I write it that way. I'm Brent Ozar. You recognize my name, that's why you wanna learn this from me.
Dance your way to an understanding row and filter contexts in DAX.
This session will Power Query which is now a must for the keen citizen developer.
Data can be viewed as having a product lifecycle, where it can be collected, analysed, visualized, utilized and then monetized. This session is focused more on the destination of the data, rather than the journey.