An overview of the performance enhancing Intelligent Query Processing features in SQL Server 2019 as well as including some new SQL Server 2022 items,
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With more and more deployments of SQL Server becoming hybrid or cloud native, how do you need to think about availability? This session will give you the foundation on how to approach availability in the new world.
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Modern software engineering and management for ETL, so data analysts and engineers can spend less time on tooling and focus on getting value from data.
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We're not supposed to use production in dev right! But generating proper test data is not easy, get's even harder when you need quite a lot of it. I generate Terabytes of it, and without much trouble. Let me show you how!
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Cloud migration projects are often massive projects with sprawling scopes. Don't you want some help sorting through this enormous pile of work? Join an experienced cloud migration consultant for a targeted walkthrough of their cloud migration success checklist so you can make sure your project gets off to a good start and reaches a successful completion.
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Security is given too little attention in the database environment and many times more rights are given than are necessary. Especially with CROSS DATABASE access, the goal is often overshot. Learn how to securely access data in other databases without breaking the bank.
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How to design data strategy and choose the right database for modern cloud applications.
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Join me on a journey through the different offerings in Azure Arc and how they can benefit you as a data professional!
Using open source apache nifi to integrate and ingest data at scale
Join us, as we explore the capabilities of Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instances.
This session will introduce you to "What and why you should care about", and discuss "how" to apply the Security and Privacy lens for Big Data on AWS.
In this session, we will cut through the marketing buzzwords to share experiences, tips, and tricks on how to be successful with Data Science and Analytics in the real world. Tune in to hear the team share real-world experience and get takeaways from industry insiders on real projects with impact. We will also discuss the ethics and fairness of Data Science and Analytics projects and how we can be more inclusive from a technology, people, and process standpoint.
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Are you trying to increase uptime locally or for disaster recovery but your network is terrible? Join the club. This session will discuss different techniques, their pros and cons, as well as considerations for availability when your network is flaky at best.
Deployment == Return on investment. This session looks to show you how to do that for Machine Learning.
Automate checking your database security model
Two consultants, two different companies, two data professionals passionate about performance tuning. Do we like the same things? Do we have the same approach to problems? Topics will include: Trace Flags, DMVs, DBCC commands, Community Scripts and Intelligent Query Processing Features. We will talk about the features and solutions we agree on, and discuss where we disagree.
This talk will focus on the key concepts of Amazon RDS for SQL Server and how to deploy database resources quickly and efficiently. Giving you the core knowledge to get started with SQL Server in the AWS Cloud.
You know where to find an execution plan. You have taken your first steps reading them. But how are you going to apply this knowlledge to real world problems?
Understanding how the parquet format works helps with understanding why it can help you retreive your data fast, or perhaps why you struggle to get the desired performance out of your design.
Even in a cloud provider or virtualized, you still need to worry about the infrastructure supporting SQL Server. This session will cover what that means in the modern world.