SQLBits 2019

SentryOne Tools for Productivity and Performance

This quick vendor session demonstrates the spectrum of SentryOne's best-of-breed products for the Microsoft Data Platform, from Task Factory, to Plan Explorer, to DOC xPress, to the SentryOne monitoring platform, and beyond.

Whether you are hosting SQL Server in your office, in a data center, or in the cloud, SentryOne enables you to monitor, alert, and tune so that you get the most out of your servers – even servers that aren’t running SQL Server. In this session, your hosts guide you through the spectrum of SentryOne products - products that help you build, test, document, and monitor the entire Microsoft Data Platform.

SentryOne tools provide best-of-breed capabilities for SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS across deployments on Azure, Amazon, and on-premises installations. You’ll see time saving strategies for managing performance across hybrid environments - whether you are running physical or virtual servers, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, APS, Amazon RDS, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

You will see many quick demonstrations of SentryOne software highlighting everything from data integration components for SSIS, automated testing tools for the Microsoft Data Platform, documentation and metadata management tools, and of course, the industry’s best performance monitoring and optimization product, SQL Sentry. SentryOne provides a unified management experience; it’s your one platform for physical, virtual, and cloud performance.