Speaker Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in submitting a session for SQLBits. We hope the information below will answer any questions you have about speaking at SQLBits, the submission process and be useful to enable you to submit sessions that align with what we are looking for.

At SQLBits we seek to provide fresh content at the very highest standard for our delegates. We expect all our speakers to have some experience, we don’t feel SQLBits is the right place for someone to make their first solo presentation at a large event with the exception of lightning talks where we welcome and encourage first-time speakers.

Benefits of speaking

In recognition of the time and effort speakers invest in their content and in addition to the kudos of speaking at SQLBits, we will provide the following:

  • Lightning Talks (5 mins)
    • Free access to the day speaking
  • 20 minute sessions
    • Free access to the day speaking
    • 1 Hotel night for each speaker, for each day speaking**
  • 50 minute sessions
    • Free access to general session days
    • 1 Hotel night each speaker, for each day speaking** + 1 extra night*
  • Full-day Training Sessions
    • 1 Hotel night for each speaker** + 1 extra night*
    • £2000 guaranteed fee + £50 per registered attendee over 35 (see also payment details)
    • Free access to general sessions will be provided if you also provide a 50 minute session

Speakers sharing rooms can combine night allocations

* only 1 extra night per person per conference.

** limited to 2 speakers per session.

Session delivery

We are planning on running a hybrid event where speakers can present either remotely or in-person, equally we hope to have delegates attending in-person and virtually. Whilst we really hope that people will attend in-person we fully appreciate that this may not be possible for everyone. As part of the session submission process, we ask you to let us know whether you are planning to present in-person or virtually. If, for some reason, we have to swap to run as a fully virtual event, or you are no longer able to travel we very much hope you will still present your session, if selected, virtually.

If you opt to present virtually, or you need to present virtually due to a change in circumstance whilst we hope you will present your session live we will need a recording in advance. In addition, if we have to make the call to go completely virtual then we will make that decision no later than 4 weeks in advance and will ask you to provide a recording of your session. In these uncertain times we feel this is the best compromise.

We can set up a Teams meeting with you and record the session for you if you would prefer to deliver it to an audience rather than talking to yourself. We don’t need these recordings to be edited to perfection, we’d prefer them to be as if you were presenting live, “warts and all” as it were.

Session categorisation

As well as an awesome, accurate abstract we would like you to categorise your session in a number of ways to enable attendees to find your session without having to read every abstract.

For full details see our speaker guidance.


Full-day training session submissions require the following additional information

  • Prerequisite knowledge for attendees
  • Agenda for the day
  • Format of the day (hands on course, workshop)

If you are selected to present a Full-day Training Session we would you like to provide us with a 90 second video to promote your session.

Speaker commitments

As per the accessibility points above we will need the slide deck and other content to be sent to us at speakers@sqlbits.com no later than 7 days before the conference start.

Our commitment to you is to provide hotel accommodation prior to any day you are speaking, in exchange you agree to be present and confirm your arrival with the Speaker Liaison team at the Information Desk on each morning you are speaking, and at least 1hour before your session (or the opening of the venue if later).

To ensure the best experience for speakers and ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible, we expect all selected speakers to attend virtual on-boarding session prior to the event. We will arrange these over multiple days and times so there will be one that suits you. Attendance at this is mandatory. If you are uncomfortable with this please let us know in order that we can look to accommodate your needs.

If you are selected to speak, then like all attendees of the event, you agree to abide by the code of conduct. If it is seen that you have not met the terms of the code of conduct then the SQLBits Committee can choose to remove you from the premises and you will no longer be able to present your session(s).

You will confirm that you want to present the selected session within 14 days of SQLBits advising you that you have had a session selected to be part of the conference schedule.

Failure to meet any of the commitments may result in your session being cancelled and speaker benefits being removed.

Additional terms and conditions

Selection process

I understand that by submitting a session there is no assurance that the session will be selected.

Advertising of services

The training day is not an opportunity to advertise or sell your services. You may describe who you are and what you or your company does at the start of the day. You are allowed to brand your slides, demos and wear branded clothing. No other display of your company is allowed, including but not limited to banners, flyers, pop up stands, giveaways. If you wish to partake in any of these then contact our sponsorship team sponsorship@sqlbits.com. If it is found that you are advertising and/or selling services during the delivery of the training day SQLBits retains the right to reduce or withhold the payment for the training day.


I will, other than in exceptional circumstances, provide SQLBits with reasonable notice of cancellation or reason that the training day cannot go ahead.


I agree that all communication with SQLBits will be directed to, or include, speakers@sqlbits.com

Microsoft speakers

Payment is not permitted to Microsoft speakers. Any requests for T&E need to be made to SQLBits prior to accepting of a Training day slot

Sponsored sessions

No speaker benefits are included for sponsored sessions.

Speaker hotel offer

The offer is for accommodation only, and I am responsible for all other charges during my stay. (Breakfast is provided at the conference on conference days)

SQLBits will notify me of my hotel allowance, and will provide the means of booking. If I book accommodation outside of this process, then SQLBits will not cover any of my accommodation costs. There will be a deadline for booking the hotel after which SQLBits will not guarantee a hotel booking. Money is not available in lieu of a hotel night being provided.

Content rights

I warrant that any session I submit is my own work, or that I have full permission to submit and subsequently present the session, as well as to allow publication and promotion of all materials as detailed below.

If I am selected to present a regular session(ie not a Training Day), I understand that SQLBits may record the sessions and the conference proceedings, and I give SQLBits permission to duplicate and redistribute the recording of this session; this includes, but is not limited to, the conference proceedings, video or audio recordings, and on-line publishing. Pre-conference training days are excluded, and not recorded.

In addition I give SQLBits non-exclusive rights to publish indefinitely and redistribute my presentation and any other files I submit in relation to the session.

Full-day training payments

Payment will be made via bank transfer within 1 month of the event. The cost of sending the monies will be covered by SQLBits, but any additional fees charged by the receiving bank are not covered. To minimise receiving fees or conversion charges, payments can be sent in most currencies. Where non-pound sterling payments are made, the payment amount will be pound sterling equivalent as determined by our bank or payment processor at the time of payment.

Attendance numbers that we communicate in advance are indicative only, as delegates do request changes up to and including morning of the training day. All changes are recorded and these final numbers are used for the basis of payments.

The minimum attendance for a full-day training is 10. Below this number it is at the discretion of SQLBits to cancel the training day.