Power BI data visualizations & storytelling

With the increased availability of data, effective data communication is becoming a sought-after skill. Effective data storytelling starts with questions: Which data to pick? What information not to choose? How to visualize it? How to keep it performant? Also, most importantly, how to retain the corporate brand?

By the end of the session, attendees will get an understanding of the following:
• Different types of visualizations are available in Power BI.
• Knowledge of what visuals to use based on audience and categories of data.
• How to Format Power BI visuals and use features like Analytics (adding Min, Max, Constant, Average, and Median lines), Q&A.
• Colour theory, themes in Power BI, and how to use colours and themes in data visuals.
• How to layout visuals for better readability and use Power BI Background, Wallpaper, and Filter panes to instantly makeover the reports.
• How to design interactive reports using Power BI functionalities: Bookmarks, Selections, drill down and drill through.
• Power BI Templates and how to use existing corporate branding in Power BI Models and reuse it
• Data modelling - Using model design layout, comments, Naming Conventions and hide/view capabilities for better usability.

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Tuesday 8 March 2022