SQL Server data security from the bottom up

The data we work with every day needs to be kept secure in line with compliancy regulations or with its critcality to the Businesss. Any breaches in the Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability of that data could result in prosection or financial losses.

In this one day workshop we'll be looking at SQL Server security from the ground up. Starting with how the business needs to define it's security requirements and responsibilities. Covering how to setup and configure your SQL Server instances, both on premise and in the cloud using IaaS and PaaS. Exploring how you should you be working with confidential data as a DBA or Developer; do you need or want to see the data, do users need to see everything, is encryption always the best option, are your backups secure, can the right people manage data access, can you have too much security, why isn't the IT team the data owner?

We'll be covering the why as well as the how, referencing the legal guidelines and the ISC2 recommend framework to allow you to make informed decisions and to understand where technical solutions sit in the larger picture.


Wednesday 30 September 2020