Migrating a Legacy SQL Database to Azure

You never thought you'd have to move this large, OLTP database to the cloud. After all, the database has been running your business just fine for 20 years. It has 20 years worth of dependencies: linked servers, finance runs Excel projections directly from it, other databases connect directly to it, reporting, ETL, vendor extracts, FTP file uploads, and about 20 different internal applications all use that database as their main data source. How could this possibly go to the cloud? Then one day your boss comes in the room and says "Management has made the unilateral decision that everything goes to Azure. Everything. And we have 18 months. Make a plan to get that database into Azure." After the initial shock wears off, you roll-up your sleeves and say "I'm ready for this challenge! I can do this! But where do I begin? There are so many choices. How do I know I'm making the right ones?" You also know that the existing application has acquired significant technical debt over time. Is this a good time to pay off that technical debt? If it is, how do we accomplish that? If it isn't how do I create a plan to pay it off in the future? I know the mountain seems high, but you can climb it! This session will tell you everything you need to know about moving that database to Azure. Here's what we will cover: - How to choose between Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DB Managed Instance, SQL Server in an Azure VM, CosmosDB, or Azure SQL DB Hyperscale - How to know what needs to be refactored, re-written, or can move in place - How to handle all the years of dependencies that have built up over time - How to migrate the actual data, even it it's really large, from on-premise to Azure - How to coordinate with other teams to handle networking, latency, security, and infrastructure - How to run tooling to determine product compliance and compatibility - Options for what to do when you know certain components cannot move to Azure. - How to create a hybrid cloud solution - How to pay off years of technical debt - How to change the application in the futures so that it more easily fits patterns that we know are cloud-scale Come to the demo and lab-filled session and get all the tools necessary to perform a successful cloud migration project. You can do this! Let's get you on your way!


Wednesday 30 September 2020