From Zero to Azure Data Factory

From Zero to Azure Data Factory is designed to jumpstart data engineering and data integration developers, introducing them to Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF is a cloud data engineering and data integration platform designed to orchestrate data-related activities and move data between sources and sinks in the cloud, on-premises, and combinations thereof.

Lesson 0: Introduction

Lesson 1: Provision a Data Factory

  • Examine Azure Portal
  • Survey ADF artifacts
  • Create Your First ADF Pipeline

Lesson 2: Basic Data Movement 

  • Copy Data Activity
  • Delete Activity
  • Stored Procedure Activity

Lesson 3: Pipeline Orchestration

  • Conditional, Lookup, ForEach Activities
  • Debugging
  • Triggers

Lesson 4: Monitoring

  • ADF Portal

Lesson 5: Azure-SSIS

  • Provision an Azure-SSIS instance
  • Azure-SSIS execution options
  • Lifting and shifting on-premises SSIS to Azure-SSIS

Lesson 6: Enterprise ADF Execution Patterns

  • Leveraging the Parent-Child design pattern.


Wednesday 30 September 2020