Demystifying Design Principles and Building Impactful Report

Failing to deliver a well-designed Power BI Report is a common reporting pitfall. Well built data models with good metrics can lose meaning if not presented in a high-quality report. Well-designed reports should convey information accurately and efficiently to a non-technical user by telling a data-driven story through interaction. Data stories are told by leveraging key performance indicators, visualizations, filters, and interactive report elements. 

In this one-day workshop, you will learn about essential design principles and the necessary features available to build reports in Power BI Desktop, and then share in the Power BI Service. This workshop will appeal to those new to Power BI and report design, and also for those already working with Power BI (for these individuals, this workshop will help fill in any gaps in your knowledge).

Attendees will learn about methodologies such as: visual cues, chart types and selection, color theory, and minimalist design approaches. Students will also learn about how to enhance report design by adding elements such as: drillthrough, bookmarks, report page tooltips, what-if scenarios, conditional formatting, and custom visuals. Finally, attendees will learn how to layer visualizations to create customized visualizations to meet unique business requirements.

Note: This session will run from 1pm to 7:30pm BST (12:00 to 18:30 UTC) to accomodate the Pacific time zone of the speaker


Tuesday 29 September 2020