A to Z Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is battle tested non-relational database service by Microsoft. It is used by many mission critical applications, including Xbox, Office 365, Azure and Skype.

This workshop will help you take a more in-depth look at Azure Cosmos DB's architecture, features and tools. We will start with an overview of Azure Cosmos DB's infrastructure and architecture, then explore its main features and benefits. Additionally, we will use Cosmos DB Emulator for development purposes. In addition, we will look at the Data Migration tool to import and transform data as well as cover stored procedures, available SDKs, and Rest API of Cosmos DB. For the closing of this session we will configure Change Feed functionality using Azure  Functions.


  • History, Infrastructure and Architecture of Cosmos DB
  • What does Multi-Model mean?
  • Understanding Consistency Levels
  • Why Partitioning is crucial?
  • Managing Indexes in Cosmos DB.
  • Cosmos DB Constraints
  • Pricing
  • Using Cosmos DB Emulator
  • Querying Cosmos DB with SQL API
  • Setting up TTL

  • Data Type Problems of JSON
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • How to Import&Transform Data
  • Available SDKs and Rest API
  • Spatial Data in Cosmos DB
  • Configuring Change Feed
  • Using Vs Code extension with Cosmos DB
  • Connecting to Cosmos DB From Sql Server 2019


Tuesday 29 September 2020