Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting & Tuning

Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting & Tuning Pre-Con is designed for the working SQL Server professionals, Developers, Database Administrators & Architects who have relevant experience with SQL Server and only needs practical examples of performance troubleshooting & tuning that can be applied in applications & production right away. In this full-day training, participants will see relevant, crisp, real-world examples of tuning SQL Server performance.

An 8-hour, 100% demo-oriented delivery on SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting & Tuning. Basic to Intermediate level, covering important aspects.

Module 1: SQL Server Wait Types & Statistics
Query Lifecycle
Connections -> Sessions -> Requests -> Tasks -> Workers -> Threads
Common Wait Types in SQL Server, identification & diagnosis

Module 2: The Holy Trinity – CPU, Memory, IO
Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive CPU
Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive Memory Usage
Identifying, troubleshooting & tuning workload patterns that cause excessive IO

Module 3: Query Execution & Query Plan Analysis
Statistics & Cardinality Estimation
Reading & Analysing Execution Plans
Important Iterators 

Module 4: Query Tuning
Rewriting Transact-SQL
Optimizing Stored Procedures
Solving Parameter Sniffing Issues
Parametrization Best Practices 
Tips with Procedural Code

Module 5: Index Tuning
Demystifying Common Myths with Indexes
Indexing Strategies
Index Fragmentation
Real-World Index Tuning Examples

Module 6: Dealing with Deadlocks
SQL Server Concurrency, Isolation Levels, Locking Granularity & Hierarchy 
Common Deadlock Types
Deadlock Best Practices
Practical Deadlock Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

Pre-Con Takeaways:
Practical, Real-World Examples
All Demo Scripts
Loads of learning that can be applied into production right-away

Additional Notes:
Most training programs lack real-world examples. In this pre-con, an attendee will learn real world performance troubleshooting & tuning skills with SQL Server. Emphasis is on real-world & practical skills.
Pre-Con will be fast paced. 100% Demo-oriented. Attendees are requested to pay full attention to the instructor and the demos.
Laptops & mobile phones off. All demo codes & labs will be provided to practice later.

At least two years of genuine working experience with SQL Server

Anything Else?
I have delivered this content multiple times over the years. I recently delivered this pre-con at SQL Saturday Denmark. The whole-day training is delivered by simulating performance issues and then fixing them. Very practical & real-world. 100% Demo-oriented. Pre-Con will be fast paced.
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Wednesday 27 February 2019