Optimising ETL on Microsoft Data Platform (SQL & Azure)

This whole day workshop focuses on helping you getting more performance out of your ETL processes. 

Focusing on the different features across stack of different versions of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database & Azure Managed Instance - we shall consider on how to optimise for different hardware bottlenecks (CPU, Disk, Memory) and using different sets of trivial and advanced features (Trace Flags, Query Hints) and overall the strategies of getting the job done on time.

Focusing mostly on SQL Server 2012+ versions, this workshop will help you to understand through monitoring what are the things that can be improved in the process, strategy and mostly of the existing set of limits.
If you are a Business Intelligence Developer or DBA looking to tune up the ETL processes - this is definitely a workshop for you.

Knowledge of basic ETL Processes. Understanding of the core principles of SQL Server (recovery model, logging, etc).
Laptop Required:No


Thursday 28 February 2019