Loading And Transforming Data In Power BI

Power BI has a lot of amazing functionality for transforming, reshaping and cleaning up data before you load it into your dataset. In this full-day precon, suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of Power BI, you'll learn how to get the most out of this functionality. Topics covered will include:

  • What is the Power Query engine and where else is it used?
  • Understanding the difference between importing data, DirectQuery, Live connections and composite models
  • Connecting to data sources and tables of data inside those data sources
  • Understanding queries and steps
  • Using the functionality in the Power Query Editor window to transform your data
  • Credentials and authentication
  • Combining data from multiple queries by merging and appending
  • Data privacy and related problems
  • Dimensional models and why they are so important for Power BI
  • What are dataflows and why should you use them?
  • The basics of the M language
  • Parameters, functions and getting data from multiple data sources in one query

Some knowledge of Power BI
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Software: Power BI Desktop (latest version available)
  • Subscriptions: No


Thursday 28 February 2019