Building a Modern Database Architecture with Azure

Today, you have many choices when deciding where to store application data. Options within Azure are evolving, making them more appealing than ever. But how do you choose between the options? When you've chosen a solution, what do you need to know to deploy, configure, manage, and tune it?    

This full-day workshop will start with the relevant foundations of Azure such as networking and storage. The many database options available will be introduced - virtual machines, SQL Database, and Cosmos DB to name a few. Use cases will be covered for each so you know which to choose for an application. For each of the SQL Server-based products, I'll go through deployment, management, scaling, performance tuning, and the unique features that set them apart.   

You'll leave this workshop with knowledge about the differences between the database options, the information you need to set them up and use them, and a Github repository full of scripts to help do just that. 

Prior Knowledge
The primary audience is someone with a minimum of 2-3 years experience as a SQL Server database administrator. Knowledge of Microsoft Azure terms and concepts is helpful, but not required.
Laptop with internet connection and browser. An Azure subscription is also needed, sign up for a free trial if required.


Wednesday 27 February 2019