Azure Data Factory Deep Dive

This immersive full day hands on session will arm you with all the skills you need to build and orchestrate pipelines using Azure Data Factory v2 that solve both traditional data integration problems and also adapt to newer challenges such as real-time and complex event processing.

We will start with a conceptual overview, and then get into how you can use metadata to build scalable serverless pipelines to move data from disparate data sources including On-Premises and Platform As A Service. We will look at how to leverage SSIS Lift and shift to maximize reuse for your existing code base and review the pros and cons of this approach. We will dive deep into the newly released Data Flow capabilities and cover the design patterns and architectures for modern Data Warehouses and big data pipelines. We will also review best practices for operationalizing solutions including configuring monitoring, logging and alerting. And did I mention DevOps? We will implement DevOps best practices like CI/CD within the data factory.

This day is everything you need to do amazing things with Azure Data Factory.

Some Familiarity with Azure and ETL will be helpful but not required
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Software: SSMS / Azure Data Studio. I will send out a detailed list prior to the session if other tools are required.
  • Subscriptions: A trial subscription to Azure is required


Wednesday 27 February 2019