Introduction To R For Analysts

This course is a practical hands-on introduction to R for business analysts. It will help attendees get started with R and use it productively. It teaches what analysts are most likely to need in their daily work; loading, cleaning, tidying, visualising and transforming data to calculate results and gain insight.

We’ll use lots of examples from wide variety of public datasets. We’ll look at how much people in different countries drink – and how long they live; model Titanic’s passengers survival; analyse a BBC News article, and then some financial documents; visualise the risk profile of a (fictitious) bank.

The sessions include

  • download and install R
  • load data from flat files and Excel spreadsheets and databases
  • explore and visualise data
  • clean data e.g. handle missing values
  • transform data to gain insight and calculate results - filter, group, sort and calculate
  • export and save data to CSV, Excel and databases
  • build reports
  • use R with Power BI
  • text analysis

None specifically on R. Some background in analysis and reporting so they understand the challenges that we will be addressing in the course.
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Spec: 8GB RAM, i5 or equivalent, 50Gb free disk
  • Software: R v3.4.2 or above, RStudio 1.0.153 or above
  • Subscriptions: No


Wednesday 21 February 2018