SQLBits Speaker Agreement

I warrant that any session I submit is my own work, or that I have full permission to submit and subsequently present the session, as well as to allow publication and promotion of all materials as detailed below.

I understand that by submitting a session there is no assurance that the session will be selected.

If I am selected to present a session (excluding pre conference training days), I understand that SQLBits may record the sessions and the conference proceedings, and I give SQLBits permission to duplicate and redistribute the recording of this session; this includes, but is not limited to, the conference proceedings, video or audio recordings, and on-line publishing.

In addition I give SQLBits non-exclusive rights to publish indefinitely and redistribute my presentation and any other files I submit in relation to the session.

I understand that SQLBits will inform me whether I have been selected or not by email in due course.

If I am selected to speak, I understand that I must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. I will submit a completed presentation in PowerPoint format for publication on the SQLBits website, no less than 7 days before the event.
  2. I understand that if I fail to submit a completed presentation 7 days before the event I may be replaced by an alternate presenter.
  3. I will submit a completed (and optionally updated) presentation including any sample code demonstrated, following my presentation, either giving it to a member of the organising committee on the day or by sending it electronically to SQLBits within 4 days following the event.
  4. I will complete my presentation within the time slot allocated to me.
  5. I understand that SQLBits will provide a projector and screen facilities, and a microphone. I understand that I am responsible for providing my own laptop or other hardware required for the presentation.

I understand that as a speaker, SQLBits will offer one night’s hotel accommodation, at the conference hotel, but that I am responsible for all other charges during my stay.

I have read the above and understand and agree to the terms detailed in this agreement.

Training Day Provider Terms and Conditions

The minimum attendance for a seminar day is 10. Below this number then it is at the discretion of SQLBits to cancel the training day.


For each training day (not speaker) SQLBits will pay

  1. Minimum of £1500 GBP
  2. Where a training day has more than 15 attendees we will pay £90 for each additional attendee

Payment Examples

16 attendees = £1500 + (1 * £90) = £1590

20 attendees = £1500 + (5 * £90) = £1950

Payment will be made via bank transfer within 1 month of the event. The cost of sending the monies will covered by SQLBits, but any additional fees charged by the receiving bank are not covered. To minimise receiving fees or conversion charges, payments can be sent in most currencies. Where non pound sterling payments are made, the payment amount will be pound sterling equivalent as determined by our bank at the time of payment.

The number of attendees will be determined as those that attend the training day, as well as any no shows registered for the training day.

Regular Session

In addition to doing the Training Day it is expected that the training day speaker will deliver at least one regular session at the main conference. A regular session is one hour and no payment is given for this.


The speaker will provide to SQLBits as a minimum

  1. PDF or powerpoint file of slides used during the training At least 7 days before the training day
  2. The demos used during the training day

This material will only be distributed to those that attend the training day.

If slides are not provided in an electronic format to be distributed then SQLBits will print up to 25 pages duplex printed (50 sides). If more pages are required the cost of the extra pages will be deducted from the speaker payment. Time permitting SQLBits will make the speaker aware of cost before printing.

Recording of Training Day

SQLBits is determined to give the best experience for attendees paying the premium for a training day. As part of that goal we would like to provide each attendee a recording of the Training Day they attend. We understand the sensitivity of providing recorded content and as such we will only deliver this service if it is through a DRM solution that restricts viewing to only the person that attended. As a speaker you will recieve a percentage of the fee that SQLBits receives from the attendee for this service.

If I am selected to present a Training day, then I understand that SQLBits may record the Training Day to achieve this goal. The fee and DRM solution are yet to be defined, therefore before the distribution of any recorded content is done, I understand SQLBits will obtain agreement from me.

Opt out
If you do not wish the attendees of your Training Day to be able to receive a recorded version as outlined above then you can opt out of this service and your Training Day will not be recorded.


SQLBits will provide the training day speaker(s) with hotel accommodation the night before their training day. We will also provide a night’s stay in the hotel for each day where a regular session is delivered. This usually results in 2 night accommodation being provided by SQLBits for a training day speaker. The speaker(s) will be asked if they require a hotel room before the event. Money is not available in lieu of a hotel night being provided.

Multi person training days

In the event that more than one person is presenting a training day, only one hotel night will be provided per training day or regular session. It is up to the presenters to decide how the room night is used.


Training day speakers must be in the event hotel the evening prior to the training day. Arrival on the day is not permitted. In the event that a speaker does not appear on the night before steps will be taken to provide a replacement speaker in which case the original speaker may not be paid for the training day.

Advertising of Services

The training day is not an opportunity to advertise or sell your services. You may describe who you are and what you or your company does at the start of the day. You are allowed to brand your slides, demos and wear branded clothing. No other display of your company is allowed, including but not limited to banners, flyers, pop up stands, giveaways. If you wish to partake in any of these then contact our sponsorship team sponsorship@sqlbits.com If it is found that a speaker is advertising and/or selling services during the delivery of the training day SQLBits retains the right to reduce or withhold the payment for the training day.


Speakers must, other than in exceptional circumstances, provide SQLBits with reasonable notice of cancellation or reason that the training day cannot go ahead.

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