Speakers who have submitted a session for SQLBits 2020.

Alan Yu

Alan Yu is a Program Manager on the SQL Tools team. He works on creating experiences for Azure Data Studio including notebooks, SQL Server 2019, and Azure Arc. You can reach out to him on Twitter @alanyusql [more - bio & sessions]

Alberto Ferrari

Alberto started working with SQL Server in 2000 and immediately his interest focused on Business Intelligence. He and Marco Russo created sqlbi.com, where they publish extensive content about Business Intelligence. [more - bio & sessions]

Alex Whittles

Purple Frog
Alex is an MVP and the owner and principle consultant at Purple Frog, a SQL Server Business Intelligence consultancy in the UK. He specialises in all aspects of data warehousing, ETL, cubes and Power BI. [more - bio & sessions]

Alex Yates

http://www.dlmconsultants.com rss feed
DLM Consultants
DevOps on the Data platform. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Founder of DLM Consultants. Co-organiser of Data Relay. Creator of www.speakingmentors.com. Enjoys hiking and single malt whisky. [more - bio & sessions]

Alexander Klein

Alexander Klein IT Consulting
Alexander Klein is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant with more than 15 years of experience. His focus is on business intelligence and dwh projects with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI, AI, Azure ML or Cognitive Services. [more - bio & sessions]

Alicia Moniz

Alicia Moniz authors the blog HybridDataLakes.com, a blog focused on cloud data learning resources. Alicia is also an active Microsoft PASS community member and speaks on AI topics. [more - bio & sessions]

Allan Hirt

http://www.sqlha.com rss feed
SQL Server mission critical expert, dual Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, and SQLHA LLC founder Allan Hirt is a consultant, published author, speaker, and trainer who travels all over the world to work with and train clients. [more - bio & sessions]

Amit Shuster

Amit Shuster is a leading Product Manager on the Power BI Embedded team at Microsoft. Amit’s a frequent speaker at conferences, is one of the writers of the Power BI Developers blog, and is leading the developer engagement program. [more - bio & sessions]

Amy Boyd

Amy Boyd is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, specialising in Data Science and Machine Learning. Her role as a Cloud Advocate is to help developers to engage with Azure and specifically the Azure AI Platform [more - bio & sessions]

Ana Maria Bisbe York

Business Intelligence Consultant and Trainer. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Microsoft Partner in Power BI. LinkedIn Learning Trainer. Speaker at Power Platform and SQL Saturdays events in Europe, USA, and LATAM. [more - bio & sessions]

Andre Kamman

http://andrekamman.com rss feed
Data Masterminds
André is a Data Platform MVP. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, Azure DevOps, Python, Azure DW and Databricks. He loves to tinker with 100TB+ databases. [more - bio & sessions]

Andrew Pruski

Channel Advisor
SQL Server DBA originally from Wales but now exploring Ireland. Blogging at dbafromthecold.com and has spoken at multiple events in Europe and the US. [more - bio & sessions]

Andy Leonard

https://andyleonard.blog rss feed
Enterprise Data & Analytics
Andy Leonard is a data engineer, Data Philosopher, SSIS Trainer, Consultant, software developer, Biml developer, database and data warehouse developer, engineer, author, blogger, podcaster, dad, grandfather, and farmer. [more - bio & sessions]

Andy Yun

Andy Yun is a SentryOne Principal Solutions Engineer and a former Microsoft MVP, who has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years as both a DB Dev and Admin. [more - bio & sessions]

Angus Mack

Chief Enterprise Architect and principal consultant with 20+ years experience in Information Management. Now specialising in big data and data science production solutions on Azure, focusing on Data Lake, Databricks, Kubernetes and Azure DevOps. [more - bio & sessions]

Aniek Sies

As a trainer at U2U, Aniek is involved in data- and BI related courses on technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning Studio and Service, Power Automate and Power Apps [more - bio & sessions]

Anna Hoffman

Anna is a Data and Applied Scientist on the Azure Data (SQL) product team at Microsoft. In her time at Microsoft, Anna has worked in Microsoft Consulting Services, AI Engineering, and now SQL Engineering. She spends most of her time working on Azure [more - bio & sessions]

Anna Wykes

https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-maria-wykes-31939454/ rss feed
Advancing Analytics
A senior consultant with Advancing Analytics, helping shape & evolve their data engineering practice. I have a real passion for data and strives to bring the worlds of Software Development and Data Science closer together. [more - bio & sessions]

Anthony Nocentino

http://www.centinosystems.com/blog/ rss feed
Centino Systems
Anthony Nocentino is an Enterprise Architect, Founder and President of Centino Systems, Pluralsight Author and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. [more - bio & sessions]

Anton Fritz

Senior Program Manager on Power BI team. Leading data loss prevention capabilities in Power BI. [more - bio & sessions]

Arthur Graus

Power BI Training | Consultancy | Development
Arthur Graus has been working as a consultant and trainer for 19 years in the area of BI and SQL Server. His strength? Years of experience combined with a great enthusiasm to share his knowledge. [more - bio & sessions]

Artur Vieira

Microsoft Data & AI Solution Architect - Azure Synapse Analytics Program [more - bio & sessions]

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

I'm a Data Platform MVP and a Chief Consultant with Datheos in Iceland. I work with Business Intelligence solutions spanning the whole of the MS BI stack. I have been working in BI since 2007. [more - bio & sessions]

Ben Sack

I am a program manager at the Citizen Data Integration team, working on Power Platform Dataflows product: A self-service, low to no code, cloud data integration solution available in PowerApps and Power BI product protal. [more - bio & sessions]

Ben Weissman

https://www.solisyon.de/ rss feed
Ben has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5, mainly in the BI/Datawarehousing field. He is a Data Platform MVP, MCSE, MPP and a BimlHero Certified Expert. He is also a regular speaker at international events and an author. [more - bio & sessions]

Benjamin Kettner

ML!PA Consulting GmbH
Dr. Benjamin Kettner is co-founder and CTO of ML!PA Consulting GmbH. Since 2020 he is Microsoft MVP and Friend of Red Gate. He received his doctorate in applied mathematics at the Free University of Berlin in 2012. [more - bio & sessions]

Benni De Jagere

Benni De Jagere is a Senior Data Insights Consultant at Realdolmen, with a strong focus on the Microsoft (BI) Stack. [more - bio & sessions]

Bhanu Prakash

Bhanu Prakash is a Principal Program Manager in Azure Databricks team. [more - bio & sessions]

Bob Duffy

http://blogs.prodata.ie/author/Bob.aspx rss feed
Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP, currently working as Database and Solution Architect in Dublin, Ireland. He has over 28 years experience in the database sector, with MCA, MCM and Maestro certification. [more - bio & sessions]

Bob Ward

Bob Ward is a Principal Architect for the Microsoft Azure Data SQL Server team which owns the development and servicing for all SQL Server versions. Bob has worked for Microsoft for 26 years supporting and speaking on every version of SQL Server. [more - bio & sessions]

Brent Ozar

https://www.brentozar.com/ rss feed
Brent Ozar Unlimited
Brent Ozar loves to make SQL Server faster. He created sp_Blitz and the SQL Server First Responder Kit, and he loves sharing knowledge at BrentOzar.com. [more - bio & sessions]

Buck Woody

Buck Woody works as an Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft on the Azure Data Team, and uses data and technology to solve business and science problems. Over 35 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology. [more - bio & sessions]

Carmel Eve

https://blogs.endjin.com/author/carmel-eve/ rss feed
Carmel is a software engineer at endjin, focusing on using .NET and Azure based solutions for reactive data processing. Through her work she has gained experience in designing and building cloud architectures for processing large volumes of data. [more - bio & sessions]

Chris Adkin

Pure Storage Ltd
Chris has been using SQL Server for over fifteen years, his main area of expertise is pushing the database engine to its limits and making it scale. Currently Chris works at Pure Storage as the EMEA SQL Server solutions architect. [more - bio & sessions]

Chris LaFreniere

Chris has worked in the Microsoft Data Group for the past 7 years, all in manageability and tooling. Most recently, he has been working on the notebooks and new SQL Server platform experiences in Azure Data Studio. [more - bio & sessions]

Chris Taylor

Jarrin Consultancy Ltd.
Chris (@SQLGeordie) has worked with SQL Server since 2001 and is a Principal Consultant working at Jarrin Consultancy providing SQL Server and Cloud consultancy to clients worldwide in a variety of industries ranging from Financial to Healthcare. [more - bio & sessions]

Chris Webb

http://blog.crossjoin.co.uk rss feed
Chris Webb is a member of the Power BI Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. [more - bio & sessions]

Christian Wade

http://christianwade.wordpress.com/ rss feed
Christian Wade is a Principal Program Manager for Power BI and Analysis Services at Microsoft [more - bio & sessions]

Christopher Unwin

https://www.red-gate.com/hub/events/entrypage/dbale rss feed
Redgate Software
Chris Unwin is a pre-sales engineer at Redgate Software, specialising in data protection with a keen focus on masking information in pre-production. He has been with Redgate since November 2015. [more - bio & sessions]

Conor Cunningham

Conor Cunningham is a Principal Software Architect at Microsoft on the SQL Server Query Processor Team.  He's worked on database technologies for Microsoft for over 10 years and is holds numerous patents related to Query Optimization and Query Processing.  Conor is the author of a number of peer-reviewed articles on query optimization techniques.  Recently, he authored a chapter for the book "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals" on how the Query Optimizer works.  He publishes a blog called "Conor vs. SQL" (http://blogs.msdn.com/conor_cunningham_msft/default.aspx)  where he answers questions about databases. [more - bio & sessions]

Dan Mallott

West Monroe Partners
Dan Mallott is a Chicago-based consultant for West Monroe Partners in their Technology Practice. His passion is for distributed architecture, designing and building high performing service layers from the API down to the database. [more - bio & sessions]

Daniel Coelho

Daniel is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. He is responsible for building the next generation of Big Data products for enterprise customers, focused on driving the features for Spark and in-database Machine Learning in Big Data Clusters team. [more - bio & sessions]

Daniel Otykier

Kapacity A/S
Daniel is a consultant with 10+ years of experience working with the SQL Server BI stack and related tools and technologies. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the author of Tabular Editor. [more - bio & sessions]

Danny Kadyshevitch

Danny is part of the Power BI Enterprise Information Management product group, working on data protection and security controls in Power BI. [more - bio & sessions]

Darshna Shah

Darshna is the Lead Data Scientist at Elastacloud where she has developed a range of ML models across a range of industries. Her passion for AI stemmed from her PhD in Neuroscience, after which she also established herself as a speaker and mentor. [more - bio & sessions]

David Postlethwaite

Banking Circle
David Postlethwaite works as a SQL and Oracle DBA, Azure admin and DevOps engineer for Banking Circle in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously he was a SQL Server and Oracle DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England. [more - bio & sessions]

Davide Mauri

http://www.davidemauri.it rss feed
Program Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on Hyperscale. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again [more - bio & sessions]

Dejan Sarka

http://sqlblog.com/blogs/dejan_sarka/default.aspx rss feed
Dejan Sarka s.p.
Dejan Sarka, MCT and SQL Server MVP, is an independent trainer and consultant that focuses on development of database & business intelligence applications, writing books and courses, and speaking at conferences. [more - bio & sessions]

Denis McDowell

McDowell Integrated Solutions
Denis McDowell has been designing and implementing technology solutions with Microsoft Data Platform technologies for over 20 years. Denis’ 10 years leading the Application Management practice for a managed services provider and subsequent experienceDenis McDowell is a Microsoft Data Professional with over 20 years managing Microsoft data platform technologies. He currently works as the Solutions Engineering Manager for SentryOne and owns a consulting practice in the Charlotte, NC area. [more - bio & sessions]

Denis Reznik

http://reznik.uneta.com.ua rss feed
Ukrainian Database geek and SQL community enthusiast. [more - bio & sessions]

Dennes Torres

Ascent Software
Brazilian software architect and MCT specialized in Data Platform, user group leader living and working in Malta [more - bio & sessions]

Denzil Ribeiro

Denzil Ribeiro is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure SQL Database team. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and has 20+ years of experience architecting and implementing large SQL Server implementations. [more - bio & sessions]

Dimitri Furman

Dimitri Furman is a Sr. Program Manager on the Azure SQL Database team at Microsoft, focusing on Hyperscale, Managed Instance, and performance/scale. [more - bio & sessions]

Drew Skwiers-Koballa

Drew Skwiers-Koballa is a Program Manager at Microsoft in the Azure Data SQL Tools and Experiences team. [more - bio & sessions]

Dustin Dorsey

Lifepoint Health
Director of Data Management at Lifepoint Health, SQL/Azure cost management specialist, active blogger and speaker, user group leader and co-organizer of SQLSat Nashville. [more - bio & sessions]

Edwin M Sarmiento

15C Inc
Edwin M Sarmiento is the Managing Director of 15C and specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and containerizing SQL Server [more - bio & sessions]

Erin Stellato

Erin Stellato is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server since 2003. Her areas of interest include internals, performance tuning, and high and high availability and disaster recovery. [more - bio & sessions]

Erwin de Kreuk

Erwin de Kreuk is a passionate Data Platform / Sql Server enthusiast. Working as a Lead Data and AI for InSpark, #1 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Netherlands. Speaking on different National and International Events. [more - bio & sessions]

Frank Geisler

GDS Business Intelligence GmbH
Frank Geisler is owner and CEO of GDS Business Intelligence GmbH. [more - bio & sessions]

Gianluca Sartori

http://spaghettidba.com rss feed
Gianluca Sartori is a SQL Server MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working with SQL Server since 1999. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team. [more - bio & sessions]

Grant Fritchey

http://scarydba.com rss feed
Redgate Software
Grant Fritchey, SQL Server MVP, works for Redgate Software as a Product Advocate. He is the author of the books SQL Server Execution Plans (Simple-Talk) and SQL Server Query Performance Tuning (Apress). [more - bio & sessions]

Hamish Watson

Morph iT Limited
Hamish Watson is passionate about community, devops, data and making a difference. Educating and helping others is a driver for Hamish and he speaks both locally and internationally and is a repeat guest lecturer at a local university. [more - bio & sessions]

Hasan Savran

Progressive Insurance
Hasan Savran is Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BI Architect and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He has a unique 13 years background in Information Technology and Business Intelligence systems. [more - bio & sessions]

Henning Rauch

Henning is a computer scientist and part of the Azure Data Explorer product group. [more - bio & sessions]

Hollie Whittles

FraggleWorks Ltd
Hollie Whittles is a TEDx speaker who delivers high quality speaker sessions on digital marketing. Hollie’s goal is to empower you to take control of your online profile through strategic planning, marketing and apps to make your life easier! [more - bio & sessions]

Hugo Kornelis

perFact B.V.
Hugo Kornelis is an established SQL Server community expert, with a strong focus on execution plans. He builds the website "the SQL Server Execution Plan Reference", and he was the technical editor for Grant Fritchey's book on execution plans. [more - bio & sessions]

Ian Griffiths

https://blogs.endjin.com/author/ian-griffiths/ rss feed
Ian has worked in various aspects of computing, including computer networking, embedded real-time systems, broadcast television systems, medical imaging, and all forms of cloud computing. He is a Technical Fellow at endjin [more - bio & sessions]

Ike Ellis

www.craftingbytes.com rss feed
Crafting Bytes
Ike Ellis is a nine time Microsoft MVP, author, and conference speaker. He regularly speaks at SQL PASS Summit, SQL Saturdays, and code camps around the world. [more - bio & sessions]

Itzik Ben-Gan

Itzik Ben-Gan is a T-SQL trainer at and co-founder of Lucient. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author of many T-SQL books, and a regular speaker at SQL Server related conferences. [more - bio & sessions]

James Boother

Coeo Limited
James Boother is a Principal Consultant and Microsoft Certified Master working for Coeo following 15 years experience within the software industry. James helps Coeo's clients scope, design, deploy and performance tune their Microsoft SQL Servers [more - bio & sessions]

James Broome

James has spent nearly 20 years delivering high quality software solutions addressing global business problems, with teams and clients across 3 continents. [more - bio & sessions]

James McGillivray

Cobalt Analytics
James McGillivray is a South African Data Architect and Microsoft BI specialist. With a background in musical theater and public speaking, it is no surprise that he enjoys creating engaging presentations to educate and entertain. [more - bio & sessions]

James Serra

http://www.jamesserra.com/ rss feed
James is a Microsoft data platform solution architect in the New York Metro area. He specializes in the use and application of big data and advanced analytics on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid. [more - bio & sessions]

Jason Bonello

A Data Analytics/BI Consultant at Adatis with 10 years experience, working in different roles with data. He has been part of SQL-based, information systems and data solution projects in various industries using both on-premises and on-cloud solutions [more - bio & sessions]

Jason Horner

Hi, my name is Jason. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. [more - bio & sessions]

Jean-Pierre Riehl

MVP, consultant, & manager, passionate by data concerns and specialized in Self-Service BI, especially in Power BI. I lead Data community in France. [more - bio & sessions]

Jennifer Stirrup

http://www.jenstirrup.com rss feed
Data Relish Ltd
Jen Stirrup, recently named as one of the top 9 female Business Intelligence experts globally, is a well-known Business Intelligence & Data Visualization expert, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, author & worldwide technical community leader. [more - bio & sessions]

Jess Pomfret

https://jesspomfret.com/ rss feed
Jess Pomfret, started working with SQL Server in 2011 and enjoys the problem-solving aspects of performance tuning and automating processes with PowerShell. She's originally from Wiltshire but spent the last 14 years living in Ohio, USA. [more - bio & sessions]

Joey D'Antoni

http://joeydantoni.com rss feed
Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting
Joey D'Antoni is a principal consultant for Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting. I have over 15 years of experience working with data platforms, and have spoken at such events as Tech Ed, IOUG and the PASS Summit. [more - bio & sessions]

Johan Ludvig Brattås

Johan Ludvig is a managing consultant at Capgemini. He has worked With MS SQL Server since late 1999, but these days finds himself mostly in the cloud. [more - bio & sessions]

John McCormack

https://johnmccormack.it/ rss feed
Nebula Data Solutions
I'm John McCormack. I've been working with SQL Server since 2012. I also work with Azure & AWS cloud solutions. I hold the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics and I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. [more - bio & sessions]

John Morehouse

https://www.sqlrus.com rss feed
Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting
John is a Consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting helping clients all over the world achieve top performance with their Microsoft SQL Server environment. He is a frequent speaker at SQL Saturday events as well as other IT conferences. [more - bio & sessions]

John Q Martin

JQM Consulting
John Martin is a Data Platform Engineer working in the financial sector as well as Director-at-Large for the PASS organisation and currently a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. [more - bio & sessions]

Jonathan Pacifico

AZEO Talents & Technology
Jonathan Pacifico is Data & AI Consultant at Azeo, a Microsoft Gold Partner located in France. Machine Learning Developer and AI Evangelist, He specializes in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Edge Computing and embedded technologies. [more - bio & sessions]

José Mendes

A Principal Data Analytics Consultant working for Adatis Consulting with experience in delivering Microsoft Azure/ SQL Data Analytics solutions across a range of industries. [more - bio & sessions]

Jovan Popovic

Jovan Popovic is Program Manager working in Microsoft Development Center Serbia on SQL Server/Azure SQL Database products. He is working on SQL language and various SQL engine components such as column store, in-memory OLTP, etc. [more - bio & sessions]

Julie Koesmarno

Julie Koesmarno is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, for the SQL Tools and Experiences team which owns SSMS, Azure Data Studio, SMO and more. [more - bio & sessions]

Just Blindbæk

http://justB.dk rss feed
justB and Orange Man
Independent BI consultant with extensive experience in all phases of BI development on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure and Power BI. MVP and founder of Microsoft BI Professionals Denmark (MsBIP.dk) and Power BI UG Denmark (PowerBI.dk). [more - bio & sessions]

Justin Langford

Coeo Ltd
Justin is Director at Coeo, a Microsoft Gold Partner providing SQL Server consulting services and dedicated support for SQL Server and Azure data services. Justin co-authored Wrox IT Pro SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting. [more - bio & sessions]

Kamil Nowinski

https://www.sqlplayer.net rss feed
Altius Data
Blogger, Speaker, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, MCSE. Principal Microsoft Consultant at Altius Data. [more - bio & sessions]

Kasper de Jonge

Kasper de Jonge is a Principal Program Manager on the Power BI team at Microsoft. [more - bio & sessions]

Kendra Little

http://www.littlekendra.com rss feed
Kendra Little is a DevOps Advocate for Redgate Software, a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, and a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award. [more - bio & sessions]

Kevin Chant

Sogeti Nederland
Established SQL Server DBA with over 23 years experience in the IT sector. originally from the UK and now living in the Netherlands. [more - bio & sessions]

Kevin Farlee

Kevin Farlee has over 30 years in the industry, in both database as well as storage management software. In his current role, he is responsible developing features in the SQL including high availability features across Windows and Linux platforms. [more - bio & sessions]

Kevin Feasel

https://curatedsql.com rss feed
Envizage, LLC
Kevin Feasel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CTO at Envizage. [more - bio & sessions]

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline, a longtime Microsoft SQL Server MVP, is a founder and former president of PASS and the author of "SQL in a Nutshell". He tweets at @kekline and blogs at https://www.sentryone.com/blog/author/kevin-kline. [more - bio & sessions]

Kimberly L. Tripp

http://www.SQLskills.com/blogs/Kimberly rss feed
Kimberly L. Tripp works as a Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Consultant for SQLskills.com, which she founded in 1995 after leaving Microsoft, and currently runs with her husband, Paul Randal. [more - bio & sessions]

Krishna Mamidipaka

Krishna Mamidipaka is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Cloud Scale Analytics group. His primary area of focus is in the area of real-time data stream processing and streaming analytics. [more - bio & sessions]

Laura GB

https://hatfullofdata.blog/ rss feed
Passionate energetic speaker who has been enjoying playing with data for many years. Freelance trainer, speaker and agony aunt. Microsoft MVP [more - bio & sessions]

Liav Zayde

Liav is a leading software engineer in the Power BI Embedded product group. [more - bio & sessions]

Lindsey Allen

https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/AI-Customer-Engineering-Team/bg-p/AICustomerEngineeringTeam rss feed
Lindsey is Director of PM for Microsoft Azure AI Platform. Lindsey worked at Microsoft since 1995, held many different roles in Enterprise services, Data products and AI platform. [more - bio & sessions]

Luis Cabrera-Cordon

Luis Cabrera is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Data Group at Microsoft. Currently he is focused on processes to get insights from unstructured content and data. He is responsible for “the cognitive” in Azure Cognitive Search. [more - bio & sessions]

Mahesh Balija

Mahesh Balija is a Cloud Solution Architect specialized in IOT, Data and AI, he likes solving challenges with Big Data and always love to work with bleeding edge technologies such as Quantum Computing to solve complex problems. [more - bio & sessions]

Marco Russo

http://www.sqlbi.com/blog/ rss feed
Marco Russo is a trainer and consultant in Microsoft BI. He wrote several books about Power BI, Analysis Services and PowerPivot. Marco has been a speaker at SQLBits, PASS Summit and Microsoft Ignite. [more - bio & sessions]

Margarita Naumova

Magi Naumova is an SQL Server Architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, MCM, MVP, MCT, with more than 15 years of SQL Server experience. She is founder and the leader of Bulgarian SQL UG, CEO of inspirit.bg and Inspir-it.no [more - bio & sessions]

Mark Broadbent

http://tenbulls.co.uk rss feed
Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master MCM of SQL Server focusing on Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, SQL Server, Administration, Development, Business Intelligence, Docker, Data Factory, and Cosmos DB. [more - bio & sessions]

Mark Hayes

Data Smart - Data Platform Consultants
A seasoned data professional with 20+ years of experience in SQL Server/Analysis Services and related technologies. Leader of the Cork SQL and Power Platform User Groups and the Cork SQL Saturday and a regular speaker at user groups in Ireland. [more - bio & sessions]

Mark Pryce-Maher

http://www.microsoft.com rss feed
Mark Pryce-Maher s a Data Architect on the Azure Synapse Analytics Customer Success Engineering team at Microsoft, where he his working with customers implementing Azure Synapse Analytics. [more - bio & sessions]

Martin Wild

Quest Software
Martin Wild is a systems consultant at Quest. Based at the European headquarters in the U.K., Martin is responsible for supporting the UK and EMEA sales team for the Toad portfolio, Database Performance Monitoring and Data Movement solutions. [more - bio & sessions]

Matt Gordon

https://www.sqlatspeed.com rss feed
Insight Digital Innovation
Matt is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has worked with SQL Server since 2000. He uses those years of real world experience as a data platform consultant helping clients design deployment solutions that meet their ever-changing business needs. [more - bio & sessions]

Melony Qin

Melony QIN, Program Manager at Microsoft. Grand believer in consistency. Main working on contributions towards OSS, DevOps, Kubernetes, Serverless, Big Data Analytics and IoT on Microsoft Azure in the community. [more - bio & sessions]

Michael Makhlevich

Product Manager at Advanced Data Security, Microsoft. [more - bio & sessions]

Michael Rys

Michael Rys is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Big Data team at Microsoft, working on Azure Synapse, .NET support for Spark and other big data projects. [more - bio & sessions]

Michal Bar

Michal is a senior program manager lead in the Azure Security org, focused on SQL data security. She has over 15 years of engineering and product management experience at Intel and Microsoft, and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems engineering. [more - bio & sessions]

Michelle Wallig

Michelle Wallig is a 15 year Microsoft veteran. She is responsible for the Machine Learning features for Azure SQL Server, ML Server, SQL Server for Windows and Linux, Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Application Network. [more - bio & sessions]

Miguel Llopis

Microsoft Corp
Miguel Llopis is a Program Manager in the "Data Explorer" team at Microsoft Corp. As part of his responsibilities, he is in charge of community, customer and partner relationships on behalf of the "Data Explorer" product team. [more - bio & sessions]

Mihail Mateev

https://softproject.technology/ rss feed
Soft Project Ltd
Mihail Mateev is a Technical Consultant, Community enthusiast, PASS RM for CEE, PASS and chapter lead, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Azure, Ph.D. on Cloud Computing [more - bio & sessions]

Mladen Andzic

Mladen is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Azure SQL Database team, working on the SQL Managed Instance and data estate modernization in Azure, with business continuity and service integration as focus areas. [more - bio & sessions]

Mladen Prajdić

Mladen Prajdic s.p.
Mladen Prajdić is a Data Platform MVP from Slovenia and a C# and SQL Server developer for over 20 years. He blogs at http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp. He develops a popular add-in for SSMS, called SSMS Tools Pack (http://www.ssmstoolspack.com/). [more - bio & sessions]

Monica Rathbun

http://sqlespresso.com rss feed
Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting
A Consultant for Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform and a MCSE in Data Management and Analytics. She has over 18 years of experience working with a wide variety of database platforms with a focus on SQL Server. [more - bio & sessions]

Morgan Oslake

Morgan Oslake is a Principal Program Manager for product development and engineering in the Azure Data Team at Microsoft. He has worked on building new generations of server products and cloud service platforms including Azure SQL Database. [more - bio & sessions]

Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh is an Engineering Leader within Microsoft Azure Data/SQL Product Group. His focus is to accelerate and unblock complex SQL, Mainframe/AS400, Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, OSS, and Bigdata workloads migrations to SQL/Azure Data. [more - bio & sessions]

Nico Jacobs

http://www.u2u.be/ rss feed
U2U Training
Dr. Nico Jacobs is a SQL Server trainer and consultant at U2U since 2004. Nico creates and delivers courses on SQL Server, Power BI and the Azure Big Data & AI stack [more - bio & sessions]

Niels Berglund

https://nielsberglund.com rss feed
Niels is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and works as Software Architect at Derivco in Durban South Africa. Niels has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 4.2. He is a presenter at technology conferences, such as: SQL PASS, DevWeek, etc. [more - bio & sessions]

Nimrod Shalit

Nimrod Shalit is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft's Power BI team. [more - bio & sessions]

Oliver Engels

oh22data AG
Oliver Engels is CEO of oh22data AG, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany specializing in Analytics and Cloud Technology. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft pTSP for Data and AI [more - bio & sessions]

Pam Lahoud

Pam Lahoud is a Program Manager in Azure Data, based in Redmond, WA, USA. She has been with Microsoft since 2006 and is currently responsible for Program Management of database engine features for in-market and vNext versions of SQL Server. [more - bio & sessions]

Paraic Nolan

www.bigredcloud.com rss feed
Big Red Cloud
Paraic Nolan is CFO and Product Director at Big Red Cloud, a leading Irish Accounting SaaS product. A qualified Accountant, Paraic combines his accounting knowledge and passion for technology to build a best in breed accounting solution for SME’s. [more - bio & sessions]

Paul Andrew

Microsoft Data Platform MVP. 10+ years’ experience working with the complete on premises SQL Server stack. Now working as a principal consultant and solution architect dealing with data platform deliveries in Azure. [more - bio & sessions]

Paul Randal

https://www.sqlskills.com/ rss feed
Paul’s an author, consultant, and top-rated speaker at events like PASS, TechEd, and SQLintersection. He spent 9 years working on the SQL Server team through 2007 and since then co-owns and runs SQLskills.com with his wife Kimberly L. Tripp. [more - bio & sessions]

Pedro Lopes

http://aka.ms/sqlserverteam rss feed
Pedro Lopes is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Data SQL Server team, focusing on the Relational Engine for SQL Server and Azure SQL (Query Processor, Query Performance, Programmability). [more - bio & sessions]

Per Christopher Undheim

dbWatch AS
Per Christopher Undheim is a Senior DBA at dbWatch, a Norwegian software company which develops a software solution for database operations. Has over 15 years of experience in different aspects of database management on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Serve [more - bio & sessions]

Pinal Dave

https://blog.sqlauthority.com rss feed
Pinal Dave is a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and an independent consultant. He has authored 12 SQL Server database books, 30 Pluralsight courses and has written over 5000 articles at SQLauthority.com [more - bio & sessions]

Piotr Mucha

Data Analyst Consultant – joined Adatis in 2019 where he builds Modern Data Warehouses using Azure platform. Main areas of expertise: Azure Databricks [more - bio & sessions]

Prathy Kamasani

Infinity Data Analytics
Prathy Kamasani is a Microsoft Valuable Professional. London based Power BI consultant and London Power BI user group organiser. [more - bio & sessions]

Rahul Ajmera

Rahul Ajmera is a Product Manager in Azure Data at Microsoft. Rahul works on SQL Server Big Data Clusters addressing the needs of Data Engineers and Data Scientists and previously on machine learning experiences for the SQL Server related products. [more - bio & sessions]

Raj Pochiraju

Microsoft Corporation
Raj Pochiraju, has been with Microsoft for 15+ years, primarily focused on SQL Server relational databases and Azure Data platforms. [more - bio & sessions]

Ralph Attard

Northern Gas and Power
Ralph is an enterprise and data platform architect with over 15 years of hands-on and leading positions. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who regularly speaks at a local user-group and at conferences from time to time. [more - bio & sessions]

Raúl Jiménez Aguilera

InnoGames GmbH
Raúl Jiménez Aguilera is InnoGames’ expert BI Developer. Before joining Germany’s biggest games developer, he accumulated more than 12 years’ experience with Microsoft BI systems as well as supporting Microsoft with presales activities. [more - bio & sessions]

Richard Conway

Director at Elastacloud, Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director [more - bio & sessions]

Rie Irish

Rie worked as a SQL Server DBA for over 20 years. She is currently a Sr Program Manager with Microsoft. She serves as MVP Program Lead for th Data Platform and handles the SQL community relationship. [more - bio & sessions]

Rishi Sapra

Rishi is a speaker, trainer, consultant and technology evangelist specialising in Power BI, and has presented at several global conferences over the past few years. He works with a number of large Enterprise customers on self-serve BI Architecture an [more - bio & sessions]

Rita Dias

Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft for Power BI and AI [more - bio & sessions]

Rob Girard

Rob is a passionate IT Geek w/ 22+ years of "in the trenches" experience in various Infrastructure Architect & Administrator roles, with a heavy focus on virtualization. Certs include: VMware vExpert, VCAP4/5-DCA, VCAP4-DCD, VCP2/4/5, MCSE, CCNA and [more - bio & sessions]

Rob Sewell

http://sqldbawithabeard.com rss feed
Sewells Consulting
I’m a database automation expert and DBA with a passion for helping my peers increase their data’s performance through automation. I'm told I have a fabulous beard. [more - bio & sessions]

Robin Lester

http://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/robinlester/ rss feed
Cloud / Data Solutions Architect with Microsoft in the UK. Focusing on all areas of the data and AI stack. [more - bio & sessions]

Rohan Kumar

Rohan Kumar leads the Azure Data engineering and product management organization for Microsoft. His team is responsible for the intuitive, world-class products and platforms that enable you to deliver the greatest in insights from your data. [more - bio & sessions]

Rohit Nayak

Rohit Nayak is a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server product team at Microsoft, with a focus on the Security and Connectivity for Azure SQL Database. [more - bio & sessions]

Rukmani Gopalan

Microsoft Corporation
Rukmani Gopalan is a Principal Program Manager on the Azure Data Lake Storage Team where she helps customers build their Big Data Analytics solutions on Azure. [more - bio & sessions]

Rune Ovlien Rakeie

Rune have been working with databases for over 20 years, primarily in those years with Microsoft SQL Server. Active in the #sqlcommunity and together with his excellent team of volunteers has run SQLSaturday Oslo for the past 3 years. [more - bio & sessions]

Sander Stad

Waypoint Analytical
Sander is a SQL Server DBA and has worked with SQL Server since version 2000. He's a PowerShell enthusiast and he'll try to automate anything that is repetitive. He is also a Cloud and Datacenter MVP [more - bio & sessions]

Sandip Pani

Nextgen Healthcare
I've more than 14 years of experience on Data field. I help to solve data related issues. I love cleaning data to make better recipe. [more - bio & sessions]

Sandy Winarko

Microsoft Asia-Pacific Technology Co. Ltd.
Sandy is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, currently driving the efforts to modernize SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) on premises and in the cloud as part of ADF (Azure Data Factory). [more - bio & sessions]

Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra is the Group PM Manager in the Azure Data product team at Microsoft. Sanjay and his team are responsible for the Azure SQL Database product. [more - bio & sessions]

Sascha Lorenz

http://saschalorenz.blogspot.com rss feed
PSG Projekt Service GmbH - The SQL Server Company
Sascha works for the PSG GmbH since 1994 as a Principal Consultant focusing on the Microsoft Data Platform. He is active in the SQL community as an organizer of the Hamburg PASS Chapter and as a speaker on SQL related events. [more - bio & sessions]

Shawn Meyers

Shawn Meyers is a Field CTO working at Tintri. Shawn has worked in IT for 25+ years and specifically with SQL Server for 20+ years, beginning with version 6.5. Frequent speaker at many events including PASS Summit & VMworld, plus many local events. [more - bio & sessions]

Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang is a Principal PM Manager leading Program Management team working on Azure Data Factory. She has worked on multiple projects as part of Data Platform Group in the last 17 years in Microsoft. [more - bio & sessions]

Silvano Coriani

Working on SQL and other data technologies since 25 years. Specialized in data access, query optimization and tuning, distributed system design. Author and speaker in industry conferences, now in SQL Customer Success Engineering, Azure Data team. [more - bio & sessions]

Simon Sabin

http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/simons rss feed
Simon has worked with data for all his career. He works with companies on, 1. Data platform strategy 2. Data platform optimisation 3. Data development practices He founded SQLBits, is a SQL MCM and an Microsoft MVP since 2005 [more - bio & sessions]

Simon Whiteley

Advancing Analytics
Director of Engineering for Advancing Analytics Ltd and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Simon is a seasoned solution architect & technical lead with well over a decade of Microsoft Analytics experience. [more - bio & sessions]

Sourabh Agarwal

Sourabh Agarwal works as a Principal PM Manager for the Microsoft Data Platform Group and leads program management for Azure SQL Edge. [more - bio & sessions]

Stefan Azarić

Program Manager at Microsoft working on Azure Synapse Analytics - SQL on-demand. [more - bio & sessions]

Steph Locke

https://itsalocke.com rss feed
Locke Data
Steph is the founder of a consultancy in the UK. Her talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science. Steph holds the Microsoft MVP award for her community contributions. [more - bio & sessions]

Stijn Wynants

Stijn is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer on Data & AI and a DataMinds core member. He is also one of the organizers of the local user group sessions & the yearly event called DataMinds Connect (SQL Server Days). [more - bio & sessions]

Stuart Moore

https://stuart-moore.com rss feed
Stuart has been working with data since 1998 across a wide range of platforms. A Data Platform MVP since 2018, (ISC)2 CISSP certified, runs 2 usergroups, helps organise Data Relay and a major contributor to the dbatools project [more - bio & sessions]

Tejas Shah

Microsoft India R&D pvt. ltd.
Tejas has a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and 20 years of industry experience. He has been part of Microsoft for over 16 years. He is Principal Program Manager in Azure Data Platform team and focuses on SQL Server on Linux and containers. [more - bio & sessions]

Terry McCann

https://www.advancinganalytics.co.uk rss feed
Advancing Analytics
Terry is a Microsoft Artificial Intelligence MVP. His focus is on all things AI and Data Science. Terry has a passion for applying traditional Software Engineering techniques to Data, to improve the way teams deliver Machine Learning projects. [more - bio & sessions]

Thomas Hütter

Developer, consultant, accidental DBA, author and speaker at SQL conferences around Europe. [more - bio & sessions]

Tomaz Kastrun

http://tomaztsql.wordpress.com rss feed
Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BI/DEV with 20+ years of background with statistics and math and more than 15+ years of MS SQL experience. Frequent speaker at SQL Saturday events and local user groups and Microsoft related events (PASS, 24HOP). [more - bio & sessions]

Udeesha Gautam

Udeesha Gautam is a Senior Software Engineering Manager in SQL Tools and Experiences team. Her team works on delivering Azure Data Studio, DacFx, SSDT, MSSQL-cli among other tools. [more - bio & sessions]

Umachandar Jayachandran

Umachandar Jayachandran is a Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server team. He has worked in the SQL Server team since 2005. He is currently working on Azure Arc enabled data services. [more - bio & sessions]

Vitor Fava

Microsoft AI and Data Platform MVP with extensive experience in the areas of Database and Information Technology, working on planning, implementation and maintenance of large corporate database servers [more - bio & sessions]

Will Velida

ASB Bank
Software Engineer at ASB Bank, New Zealand. I build cool things using .NET and Azure Cosmos DB! [more - bio & sessions]