Columnstore Indexes - from basics to optimised analytics

Learn Columnstore Indexes in just 1 day starting with basics of the structure and stepping into the internal details, learning how to load data into them and finishing with advanced concepts of Batch Mode processing and performance tuning.

Microsoft added first implementation for the Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 with Nonclustered Columnstore, and SQL Server 2014 brought us updatable Clustered Columnstore Indexes, while SQL Server 2016 is adding 2 new areas with the updatable Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes - Operational Analytics and Operational Analytics InMemory.
The first addition relates to the traditional row-based storage, while the Operational Analytics InMemory focuses on the integration with the InMemory technology in SQL Server (also known as Hekaton).

This training day is all about differences in implementations, their advantages and limitations and how to get the best out of the all types and incarnations of the Columnstore Indexes.


Wednesday 4 May 2016