Tools and utilities are very useful for any data platform deployment, management, and administration. SQL Server includes a complete set of graphic tools and command-line utilities that are equipped with an impressive collection of management interfaces and services. But how many times are fingers pointed at SQL server during slow performance? How many times do you use tools to manage the SQL Server database platform?

This session details a typical DBAs day and demonstrates the new improvements of the management platform & performance monitoring made for Microsoft SQL Server.

The talk also demonstrates native tools and techniques along with world class third party tools from Idera that can make your long days shorter and make difficult troubleshooting activities much faster and easier.

This session is presented by Satya Jayanty. Satya Jayanty is a SQL Server MVP, author & subject matter expert in data platform solutions. He is an active speaker in technology conferences and moderator/contributing editor for , Twitter: @sqlmaster.

Presented by Idera at SQLBits IX