Are your SQL Servers running optimally and providing the high availability your organization expects of them? If you don’t know, or if you have inherited some SQL Server instances that you are not familiar with, then you need to perform a SQL Server Health Check in order to find out. In this session, you will learn about a comprehensive checklist (a spreadsheet you can download) that allows you to examine every important aspect of a SQL Server instance’s health, which you can use to help you determine if the instance is running optimally and providing the high availability you expect. It covers hardware, the operating system, SQL Server configuration, database configuration, maintenance, performance, and high availability. Because of time considerations, and the amount of content to be covered, the focus will be on explaining how to perform the health check, not on the step-by-step procedures needed to perform the health check. After attending this session, and downloading the health check spreadsheet, DBAs will be able to go back to their organizations and begin to immediately perform their own SQL Server health checks.