SQLBits 2019

Disposable Dev environments with Azure DevOps and AzureRM

Using Azure DevOps and Azure RM templates to created isolated environments for testing PaaS solutions.
It's uncontroversial to suggest that developers work more effectively given isolated development environments, which are not subject to "surprises" caused by the rest of the team or "change freezes" imposed by the release process.

In many circumstances, these can be provided using a myriad of Virtual Machines, but the case of applications which rely on a range of PaaS services such as Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory or Azure SQL Data Warehouse can be more complicated.

This session will discuss a way of dynamically creating and destroying an isolated end-to-end environment for every individual feature branch using the facilities provided by VSTS and Azure Resource Manager, as well as some reasons why you might or might not want to adopt such an approach.