For a time the challenging decision was about moving to the the cloud. Then the challenge was whether to implement PaaS over IaaS. Now, with the introduction of CosmosDb, what is the right storage solution for your application? 

Focusing on the micro-service / OLTP domain, this talk looks at the challenges facing developers and teams when choosing between Azure SQL Database and Cosmos Db (Document Db). The talk approaches this challenge by solution use cases to test each storage's offering for appropriateness, looking at areas such a consistency, performance, security, availability and cost. 

Demo gods permitting, there will be at least one demo on how to approach a fair performance test. 

This talk is suitable to anyone wanting to get better insight into Azure SQL Database or DocumentDb, or for anyone thinking about jumping from one to the other.

At the end of the talk you will have a better understanding on how to approach this problem and arrive at the right solution with an unbiased approach.

Presented by James Duggan at SQLBits 2018
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