SQLBits 2015

Deep dive into Delayed Durability

In this session you will see what is delayed durability, how it is achieved and how to make the best use case out of it. You will understand how to use it and a demo which explains the effects of using delayed durability with SSDs.
Delayed Durability is a new feature introduced in SQL Server 2014. This makes the performance of your queries faster. But this comes with a price of playing with the last property of ACID, Durability. In this session you will learn how efficient it is to use Delayed Durability and what are the caveats around using it. The session will start with understanding the basic principle of Durability and how it is achieved. I will then take you into deeper analysis of how this new feature is designed and achieved. Then I will discuss when to use this feature and what is the price you pay (not financial :) ). In this session I will also demonstrate the use of delayed durability vs SSDs.