PowerPivot is a breakthrough for self-serve BI but is not easily deployed in the enterprise.  Join us for this fast-paced, technical demonstration on how to upgrade PowerPivot into secure and scalable Analysis Services tabular cubes with Pyramid’s BI Office suite.  
We’ll then show how Pyramid’s analytics and dashboard tools fully unleash the power of these enterprise quality cubes. With end-user driven business logic and calculations, parameterization, dynamic sets, and slick interactive graphics we’ll work through a complex “Market Basket Analysis” example without writing a single line of code.
Avi Perez
CTO, Pyramid Analytics
Avi’s 20+ year experience with BI and data analytics has seen him architect and deliver some revolutionary solutions delivered on the Microsoft BI stack.  He now leads an agile development team that is building the ultimate analytics, dashboarding & reporting platform for the Microsoft BI stack.