Pre-conference full day training seminars - Thursday 2 May 2013
with Tim Mitchell

In this full-day seminar, we'll explore some common (and a few uncommon) challenges facing ETL developers, followed by practical solutions and recommended practices from the field using SQL Server Integration Services.

with Klaus Aschenbrenner

In this precon we will take a default installation of SQL Server, and run a OLTP workload with a several hundred users to generate our initial baseline for performance tuning/troubleshooting.

with Kalen Delaney

Indexes allow SQL Server to access your data in the most efficient manner and can improve performance by orders of magnitude. This seminar looks at index storage internals as well as best practices, so you can create the best indexes for your data.

with Jamie Thomson

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) database projects bring SQL Server development into the modern era. Come along and learn how SSDT database projects can accelerate your SQL Server development and deployments.

with Argenis Fernandez

Here's your chance to learn data recovery from the big dogs. Two Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs) will take your Recovery game to an all new level. Learn how to plan for, prevent, and recover data lost due to deletion or corruption.

with Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari

In this course you will be guided in the process of learning the DAX language, through many examples and scenarios that will help you understand what are the important concepts of DAX and how to leverage them in your everyday work.

with Jen Stirrup

Using the new SQL Server 2012 Tabular Model and PowerPivot as data sources, this course will aim to teach about the new self-service Business Intelligence and reporting features in SQL Server 2012 whilst focusing on data visualisation.

with Bob Ward

Our Microsoft Support team deals with a lot of different types of customer issues, and we want to share some of the stories from these. Join this full-day pre-con to learn from some of the top customer issues and trends Microsoft Support has faced.

with Conor Cunningham, Ewan Fairweather, Silvano Coriani and Hatay Tuna

This full day seminar provides an immersive, marketing-free, deep dive for experienced architects who want to learn architectural and implementation best practices that have been developed from implementing real world large distributed Azure systems.