Training Days

A choice of full day expert led training sessions.

Pre Conference full day training seminars, we have 15 to choose from this time, Thursday 29th March 2012, with registration opening at 08:30 and sessions starting at 09:00, and finishing at 17:00. Please see Agenda for details.
Deploying Highly Available SQL Server 2012 BI Environments with Chris Testa-O'Neill and Gavin Payne

This training day will show how to deploy a highly available SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence environment and discuss the features which make it possible to deliver services such as PowerPivot, PowerView, Reporting Services and Analysis Services

AlwaysOn: Maximizing High Availability with SQL Server 2012 with Allan Hirt

Mission critical is a major focus of SQL Server 2012 with enhancements to failover clustering and the new AlwaysOn availability groups feature. Come get advanced training on how to plan and implement highly available SQL 2012 deployments.

SSIS Performance Design Patterns with Matt Masson and John Welch

Need a fast data integration solution, but don't have the time or budget for heavy performance tuning? This session will teach you how to pick the right design so you can hit your ETL performance goals with little to no performance tuning!

SQL Server Workshop for Developers with Leonard Lobel

This full-day workshop will get you up to speed on powerful new features for developers in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012. Learn T-SQL Enhancements, .NET Data Access, Beyond Relational, and Enterprise Features all in one information-packed day!

An effective (though uncommon) approach to database design with Hugo Kornelis

Learn to make a data model that captures business needs, using concrete examples. Know what questions to ask, how to ask them, and how to incorporate the answers in the data model. Then, transform the data model to a fully normalized database design.

No More Guessing! Enlightened Performance Troubleshooting with Adam Machanic

Finding the root cause of most performance issues is a simple exercise, once you understand where to look and when. In this full day seminar, you will learn a proven methodology that can be used to approach virtually any performance problem.

Storage For the DBA with Denny Cherry

One of the biggest issues in database performance is around storage. It’s also one of the hardest places to troubleshoot performance issues because storage engineers and database administrators often do not speak the same language.

Putting tabular models into production with Cathy Dumas

So you’re rolling out SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. Are you ready to go into production with tabular models? Find out how to make the call in this fast paced session.

A 360-Degree View of SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence with Stacia Misner

In this session, we’ll take a holistic look at the BI features in the latest version of SQL Server by reviewing the architecture requirements, exploring the implications for existing BI applications, and introducing new capabilities.

Mastering SSDT with the DataDude with Gert Drapers

This is your chance to hear the real story behind SSDT, directly from the man who built it. SQL Server Data Tools is effectively the 3rd version of the DataDude project, started in 2005 by Gert Drapers.

Take Good care of your Data: Introducing SQL 2012 DQS &MDS with David Faibish

DQS and MDS are here!!! In SQL 2012, you’ll be able to take better care of your Data. The new Data Quality Services and the improved Master Data Services provides the IT and IW with an effective solution for information better management.

Deep dive into Analysis Services with Akshai Mirchandani

This session will go into details of how the Analysis Services engine works, giving guidance for tuning/optimizations as well as explanations of best practices and operations strategies.

Leadership Skills for the Database Professional with Kevin Kline

Skilled technologists often reach a ceiling in their career unless they move into management. This seminar teaches competent technologists the very non-technical, soft-skills needed to be a skillful manager and team leader.

Programmability in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure with Tobias Ternstrom

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure bring with them many new constructs and capabilities for the SQL Server developer. Attend this in depth day to make sure you are up to speed.

Beyond Relational in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Futures with Michael Rys

** Product Team Session ** What do you do about your unstructured data? Most data produced today is unstructured. This day session deals with how we can manage this data effectively and flexibly. Find out how to use this data efficiently