Introducing XLCubed: More Microsoft BI power with less tools

Microsoft have a huge and growing choice of BIclient tools, but this represents a problem for many organisations on several levels. What is the right tool for the job? Who has the skills to deliver in SSRS / Power Query / PPS / Excel etc.? How do we bring this all together? The tools depend on the version of Office, SQL and SharePoint, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Crucially, in many areas they fail to fully leverage what is available in the data platform.We’ll show how XLCubed unlocks the value of Multi-dimensional and Tabular SSAS and SQL for power users in Excel and provides pixel perfect delivery of reporting and dashboards for Web and Mobile users, with or without SharePoint.The session covers PivotTable pain points from the field, analytics, reporting, and business effective dashboards. We’ll consider these from an enhanced Excel perspective, and in terms of web delivery and scheduled report distribution.Showing by example rather than PowerPoint, we’ll outline why customers ranging from the M of SME to some of the world’s largest corporates choose XLCubed to help them deliver successful BI projects more efficiently.
Presented by XLCubed at SQLBits XII
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    For over a decade XLCubed have helped Enterprise to SME customers get the best from Microsoft’s BI platform. Users can do more in less time, with a richer design environment and faster query time.

    The Excel Edition removes the restrictions of the pivot table. A rich data visualisation layer, along with free format layout, user calculations and powerful ranking and filtering capabilities make report and dashboard creation straightforward for the business user.

    Reports can be shared in Excel or deployed through XLCubed Web, providing Enterprise deployment capability scaling to thousands of users. Mobile App access is also catered for along with optional SharePoint integration.

    XLCubed utilises all the BI platform choices in SQL 2012, supporting MDX, DAX, and SQL.

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