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Big data. Small data. All data. You have access to an ever-expanding volume of data inside the walls of your business and out across the web. The potential in data is endless – from predicting election results to preventing the spread of epidemics. But how can you use it to your advantage to help move your business forward?

Data is growing exponentially and it’s now possible to mine and unlock insights from data in new and unexpected ways. Empower your business to take advantage of this data by harnessing the rich capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server and the familiarity of Microsoft Office to help organize, analyze, and make sense of your data—no matter the size.

The Microsoft Data Culture series of events shows you how to drive real-time business, from apps to insights, through a deeper look into the comprehensive Data Platform, Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities.

Pyramid Analytics makes it easy for organizations to make better, smarter data-driven decisions. The company’s BI Office platform combines quick and scalable deployment with the ease of use that customers have come to expect from the best of the new generation of data exploration tools – all within an enterprise-class data governance framework. Available in both in-company cloud and public cloud versions, BI Office enables rapid integration of new data sources and cross enterprise sharing of business logic for all users – from analysts to front line managers – through a simple, intuitive and familiar interface. Pyramid Analytics has operational centers across the U.S., U.K. and EMEA.

Fusion-io delivers the world’s data faster. Our Fusion ioMemory platform accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives. 

Integrating hardware and software to overcome the limitations of legacy architectures and specialized hardware, Fusion ioMemory accelerates businesses from the smallest e-tailers to the world’s largest data centers, social media leaders, and Fortune Global 500 businesses. Our persistent, high capacity ioMemory platform leverages flash memory to significantly increase datacenter efficiency, with enterprise grade performance, reliability, availability, and manageability. 

Big Trends Fuel Big Data Demands
Today, more devices than ever before are connected to the Internet, including everything from cell phones and tablets to connected appliances and machines. These connected devices are often served data by applications hosted in the cloud, and these two trends are driving unprecedented demand for data. With additional growth in big data analytics fueling new business and scientific discoveries, and growing adoption of virtualization, IT professionals are increasingly looking to more effective and efficient ways to power the applications that drive their businesses.

The ioMemory Solution
Fusion-io was founded in 2006 when its founders recognized that spinning disk-era storage could no longer keep up with modern data demands. With experience in transaction processing, high-performance networking, storage, superclusters, and computing and image processing, the Fusion-io management team recognized that mechanical disk-based storage architectures do not keep pace with advances in digital processing power. This meant that despite major advances in technology, even solid-state disks (SSDs) are limited by the access methods of legacy storage infrastructures. To overcome these limitations, Fusion ioMemory was architected as a high capacity, persistent memory platform for application acceleration.