17th - 19th July 2014

The International Centre, Telford

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Phil Winstanley

Phil Winstanley provides solutions to situations which have complex technical requirements involving data manipulation.  His expertise is internationally acclaimed and he is prominent in the network of specialists in this field, being a member of the Microsoft MVP programme since 2002 and a member of the ASP Insiders since its inception. Now he works at Microsoft and advises techies throughout all markets on best practice and patterns.  
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We all know how much love DBA's have for Developers and visa versa. You can measure it in milligrams. This fun session discusses the issues we have with one another and presents some solutions to save knives in backs and blood stained carpets.

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Notes from HTM01 @ MIX11 12 Apr 2011
IE9 compiles JavaScript down into machine code. There are eleven subsystems which impact performance. The majority of time is spent in JavaScript and rendering on most sites, which don't use AJAX. A lot more time is spent on Rendering in AJAX based sites. Quickly respond Quickly respond to ...

IIS Express and System.Threading.ThreadAbortException 19 Feb 2011
If you’re moving over to IIS Express and you spot these kind of entries in your trace log: - A first chance exception of type 'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException' occurred in mscorlib.dll An exception of type 'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled ...

ASP.NET Syntaxes 17 Jan 2011
Phil Haack put together a quick Razor syntax guide, I’ve just extended it out for old dinosaurs like me that nly know ASP.NET Code Behind as their true and trusted way of writing pages so that we can compare our syntax to the new Razor and ASP.NET MVP ways too. Attachement link JUST BELOW THIS ...

Them and us 08 Jan 2011
As much as we try and create inclusive societies throughout the globe time and time again we revert to our tribal and clan origins back in the distant past, be those line split across the obvious like  Nationality, Religion or even the Football teams we follow. Microsoft to me has always been ...

Plip’s Hardware Lineup for 2011 31 Dec 2010
Inspired by Mike Taulty’s hardware lineup 2011 I thought I’d share mine. As we go into 2011, I’m well and truely an apple fanboi in terms of their hardware. I love Apple kit and have always found it to be really stable. The only issue I’ve ever had is with *spit* iTunes and Apple’s fascist control ...