Marcel Franke

I'm a Data Warehouse consultant based in Germany (Europe) with over 6 years of experience in building and designing Data Warehouses based on the Microsoft platform. I'm part of the pmOne Solutions team supporting the largest Data Warehouse installations on SQL Server in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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What’s your passion in life? 13 Nov 2014
This morning I have seen an interesting interview with Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella at the University of Berlin (Satya Nadella as guest at TU Berlin) and he was talking about the new generation, technologies, students, changing business models and passion. So it made me think about my ...

Impressions from the SQL Saturday #313 23 Jul 2014
Also this year we had another great SQL Saturday here in Germany. I want to take the chance to say thank you to the organization team, to all the speakers and the volunteers for the big effort and time they spent to make this happen. From my opinion it was again a great success. We […]

A call to all Data Engineers and BI workers 22 Jul 2014
In the last two years I had the chance to get my hands on some very exciting Data Analytics projects and I wanted to take the chance to recap and to reach out to Data Engineers and BI Consultants. Why? In the area of IT we see lot’s of trends coming up every year. Some […]

June is my conference month 18 Jun 2014
It was quite a busy time for me in the last month, with lot’s of very interesting project and exciting customers, especially in there area of Big Data and Data Analytics. That’s why it’s a little bit quite currently on my blog. Apologizes for this, but I will keep up writing. Additionally June ...

Data Science Labs – Data Analytics with SQL Server and R… (Part 1) 18 Apr 2014
…how well do they play together? I continue my Data Science Lab series with a new story about Data Analytics based on SQL Server and R. As I already described in the Data Science workplace R is a typical and very often used platform for more advanced analytics like regressions, predictions or ...