Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP, currently working as a Database and Solution Architect in Dublin, Ireland. He has over 20 years experience in the database sector, with MCA, MCM and Maestro certification.

Microsoft Project Gemini brings data modelling and Business Intelligence in the hands of the end user - good or bad. This session demonstrates how to build and deploy an end to end business intelligence solution with project Gemini.
Learn to love SCOM! Out of the box the SCOM Management Pack for SQL Server is not popular with DBA's. This demo based session will take you through the process of how you can extend SCOM to properly monitor and analyse SQL performance. Ultimately providing performance management scorecards and dashboards for your CIO.
SQL Virtualisation using the Microsoft Assessment Planning tool and the SQL Consolidation Toolkit
So your customer's application is ready to ship and it is dog slow. This session focuses on the tools and methology that SQL consultants use to test and improve performance with applications.
SQL Server denali offers a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is an Introduction to the changes in Denali and a demonstration of the key features and benefits.
Always On offers a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in Denali emphasising key features and benefits.
Ever deployed an Analysis Services cube that worked perfectly well with one user on the development server, only to find that it doesn’t meet the required volumes of user concurrency?
Always On Availability Groups offer a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in SQL 2012 emphasizing key features and benefits.
We aim to cover the fundamental concepts that you should know on the Cloud and Windows Azure. In this demo based hour we will step through building Azure applications, deploying and managing them and what storage choices you will face.
In one hour we will take a sample ecommerce application and database, show tools available for both schema and data migration and the demo performance, scalability and monitoring impacts.
You don’t have to be an analysis services guru to gain a better understanding of how to analyse, configure and optimise cube processing.
Come along to see us attempt to optimise and redesign the “Dell DVD Store” sample application from a modest 100 transactions per minute to a million transactions per minute.
In this humorous session I’ll be contesting many of the so called "best practices" in SQL Server and demonstrating counter arguments. Come along to see how so called "pillars" of design are starting to break down.
In this session we will explore the Irish Economic Crisis from multiple perspectives, using Microsoft’s latest Visualisation tools including Power BI, Power Query, Power Map, Power View and Q&A.
Gain insights into what is behind the media storm surrounding the Economic Crisis, by diving into publically available data using PowerBI . Learn how the use of analytical tools can empower us by answering the questions we need to ask.

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Should I use HideMemberIf for Tabular Model 08 Jul 2015
With a “ragged” hierarchy we often need a way to make sure that the hierarchy is displayed in a user friendly fashion when measures can be linked to any level (including parents). There are two established solutions 1) The Pure DAX approach Alberto was one of the first to publish a DAX ...

Optimising Connections to SSAS (MOLAP/Tabular) 06 Jul 2015
I’ve been diving deep into how long Analysis Services can take to open a connection for a few months now and thanks to some tips from many people (Alberto Ferrari, Greg Galloway, Darren Gospel to name a few) here are some ideas to improve performance. 1. Make sure your network is not slow OK, ...

Solved: slow SSAS connections on Hyper-V 06 Jul 2015
Over the last few months we have been developing reporting services reports on top of a SSAS tabular model. One of the banes of my life has been the unusable performance of our reports, especially if they open a lot of connections. This week I finally got some time to triage the issue and found ...

Analysing Report Server Logs 04 Mar 2015
Attached is the example Power Pivot Model I used to analyse Report Server Logs complete with 3D pie chart to shock the DataViz world ;-) I want to get time to extend this to include a lot of the “version 3” data which includes per Dataset metrics on query and processing time. Feel free to use ...

Speaking Schedule First Half 2015 01 Feb 2015
Quite a selection of speaking events coming up and an ambitious selection of mostly new content this year. Belfast SQL User Group - Thurs 26th Feb. When Good SQL Design Goes Bad Optimising Reporting Services Performance sqlBits, Excel London Exhibition Centre – 4th to 7th March Friday ...