Through the virtual looking glass – monitoring virtualised SQL

Using demos and theory this session shows how virtualisation changes the way we need to monitor the performance of a virtualised instance of SQL Server.  By simulating bad resource contention and overloading we will see how SQL Server’s own performance counters and wait stats along with Perfmon’s counters react to CPU, memory and storage pressures.  Some performance counters in the virtual world hide issues, while others exaggerate it, the purpose of this session is to demonstrate a balanced and well-rounded approach to performance monitoring in the virtual world along with best practices to avoid poor virtualised performance.

Presented by Gavin Payne at SQLBits IX
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    Gavin Payne is the principal architect for Coeo and a Microsoft Certified Architect and Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server.  His role is to advise IT leadership on what they should do, help their business leadership understand why and help their technical teams understand how.  Gavin leads organisations through their data platform transformation and modernisation programmes.

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