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Dynamic Management views were introduced in SQL Server 2005 and have made management and troubleshooting of SQL Server significantly easier than in previous versions. Even if you do not write your own queries against these DMVs you may be using them in Performance Dashboard Reports or other performance reporting applications. In this talk I will go through my TOP favorite DMVs and show how and when they can be used and why I like them!
Presented by Martin Bell at SQLBits II
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    Martin Bell has aged considerably since starting to organise the SQLBits conferences; but is still a dashing and attractive redhead. He's worked on many relational database management systems and since the 1998 has specialized in SQL Server. He was first awarded Microsoft MVP (SQL Server) status in June 2003 proving he is not just a pretty face! As an insight into his masochistic tendancies he currently organises the Scottish Area and Leeds Area SQL Server User Group meetings. He is also a founding organiser of the highly successful SQLBits Community Conferences conclusive proof that he is slightly mad!!
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