The Irish Economic Crisis, Visualised with Power BI

In this session we will explore the Irish Economic Crisis from multiple perspectives, using Microsoft’s latest Visualisation tools including Power BI, Power Query, Power Map, Power View and Q&A. It starts from a very common business angle, where people need to make sense of data, fast, but don't know what questions to ask, nor how to combine available sources in a way that makes sense. This session converts the Irish Economic crisis into a story that can be explored interactively, using familiar tools, in a way that people may feel should have been noticed in the run-up to the crisis. Join me to find out what led to a small country owing over 200 billion euro and if Power BI could have helped.
Presented by Carmel Gunn and Bob Duffy at SQLBits XII
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    Carmel works at the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence in Dublin, Ireland, where she is a data management specialist, with background in Business Intelligance and Business Analysis. Over the past few years, Carmel has taken a keen interest in how the world of data is progressing, and what that can mean for us all, in terms of empowerment of every day decisions through data - from business, to personal life, good data is key.

    As a committee member for, and speaker at, the SQL Server Ireland User Group, she has played an active roll in bringing 3 SQL Saturdays to Dublin, and is heavily involved in the SQL community across Europe.
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