A better SSIS? Migrating a datawarehouse to SQL Server 2012

The new and improved SSIS promises not only rounded edges and new icons ;-)
It has a whole lot of features to help control larger projects.It comes with a migration wizard to allow you to get up and running pretty quickly with all the new features.
But what if you have a large project and have already built a lot of DIY project management.
(error handling, running multiple packages consecutive and / or parallel etc.)I'm doing a trial migration of our datawarehouse (100+ packages, 1TB+ db size) to see what the benefits are and how easy it will be.
This session will be a walkthrough of this process and a lessons learned.
Presented by Andre Kamman at SQLBits X
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    I’m a SQL Server consultant based in the Netherlands. I’m a SQL Server MVP and I’m the co-founder and current chairman of the Dutch PASS Chapter and a member of the volunteer team for the Dutch SQL Saturday’s. I’ve done a whole lot of pure DBA work managing 100′s of servers and learning something new every day.

    These days I spend a lot of time on just a few servers containing some large databases and the better part of the day is spent with SSIS. In both roles I’ve been using Powershell a lot. I joke sometimes that I replaced myself with a powershell script when leaving the DBA role, but these days I automate so much that I have to watch myself and not actually do just that

    http://andrekamman.com http://andrekamman.com/feed
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