4th - 7th May 2016



Stephanie Locke

Steph Locke wants to live in a world where everyone she encounters enjoys their jobs and is awesome. Since she's gifted with the inability to be daunted by a task, she's using her unbounded perkiness to bring awesomeness to the people. Living the dream as a data scientist, Steph spends her days getting value out of data and engineering solutions. When she’s not doing exceedingly fun stuff during the day, you can probably find her doing exceedingly fun stuff at a community event.  She runs three user groups in Cardiff and supports a number of others. As well as enjoying helping increase awesomeness locally, she's also tackling the task nationally! A veteran organiser of SQL Relay, Steph runs the Cardiff event growing it year on year, and has taken stints running the marketing, sponsorship and the whole conference to help bring more knowledge to the masses. She's now also helping to grow the R community with the development of satRdays. If it's not an event she's organised, then she's at someone else's event where they've been crazy enough to let her talk or help out at. EARL, SQLBits, SQL Relay and SQL Saturday organisers have all let Steph speak and help out, and most recently she was made a Microsoft Data Platform MVP recognising her gift of the gab and willingness to help out. 
http://itsalocke.com http://itsalocke.com/feed/

R was originally for doing stats, but it now does database CRUD, reporting, documentation, and even websites. It can be awkward to know where to start, so this session fast tracks you to the sections you need to know about.
Need a snazzy dashboarding tool, and want it free or cheap? With a modicum of R and Linux knowledge, you can make interactive realtime dashboards for free that can be used in any web browser. Learn how in this session.
There's base R, modern R, the Hadleyverse, R in SQL, and more - understanding where to begin can be an exercise in frustration and cost you valuable time. This session takes you through the R you need to be productive quickly.

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Installing SQL Server ODBC drivers on Ubuntu (in Travis-CI) 20 Apr 2016
Please note that upon further testing, this hasn’t as working as hoped. The difference lies primarily in the C compiler between Ubuntu 14.04 (Travis standard) and 15.04. I’m working on a solution and have included an additional verification step that should be performed. Did you know ...

Shiny module design patterns: Pass module inputs to other modules 19 Apr 2016
Continuing in the series of shiny module design patterns, this post covers how to pass all the inputs from one module to another. TL;DR Return input from within the server call. Store the callModule() result in a variable. Pass the variable into arguments for other modules. Access the variable like ...

Shiny module design patterns: Pass module input to other modules 14 Apr 2016
Following on from looking at the shiny modules design pattern of passing an input value to many modules, I’m now going to look at a more complex shiny module design pattern: passing an input from one module to another. TL;DR Return the input in a reactive expression from within the server ...

Using Travis? Make sure you use a Github PAT 12 Apr 2016
We’re in the fantastic situation where lots of people are using Travis-CI to test their R packages or use it to test and deploy their analytics/ documentation / anything really. It’s popularity has been having a negative side-effect recently though! GitHub rate limits API access to 5000 ...

Shiny module design patterns: Pass a single input to multiple modules 08 Apr 2016
For the awesome Shiny Developers Conference back in January, I endeavoured to learn about shiny modules and overhaul an application using them in the space of two days. I succeeded and almost immediately switched onto other projects, thereby losing most of the hard-won knowledge! As I rediscover ...