Mladen Prajdić

Mladen Prajdić is a SQL Server MVP from Slovenia and a C# and SQL Server developer for over 10 years. He blogs at He develops a popular add-in for SSMS, called SSMS Tools Pack (

A look into the world of database testing, how to go about it, why do we really need it and how to work well with your peers and managers for greater project success.
We'll focus on the awesome new SQL Server 2012 stuff that will make your T-SQL development a breeze. We'll look at new stuff like OFFSET, WINDOWING FUNCTIONS, SEQUENCES, ERROR HANDLING, FORMAT & CONVERT functions and METADATA DISCOVERY.
This session will give you insight into both of the current tracing technologies in SQL Server. Old SQL Trace has served us well but new times call for new technology. The new Extended Events are a new lightweight tracing mechanism built into SQLOS.
Because there are always at least two sides of the performance coin, in this session aimed at .Net and SQL developers, we'll dive into the workings of the .Net SqlClient and give you insight into way more than just SqlCommand.ExecuteReader()
In this session we'll take two queries, a read and a write one, and look at the whole trip from the client through the server and back to the client. On this journey we'll try to identify where things might go wrong.

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SSMS Tools Pack 3.0 is out. Full SSMS 2014 support and improved features. 19 May 2014
With version 3.0 the SSMS 2014 is fully supported. Since this is a new major version you'll eventually need a new license. Please check the EULA to see when. As a thank you for your patience with this release, everyone that bought the SSMS Tools Pack after April 1st, the release date of SQL ...

Simple Merging Of PDF Documents with iTextSharp 10 Jan 2014
As we were working on our first SQL Saturday in Slovenia, we came to a point when we had to print out the so-called SpeedPASS's for attendees. This SpeedPASS file is a PDF and contains thier raffle, lunch and admission tickets. The problem is we have to download one PDF per attendee and print ...

SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features. 02 Jul 2013
New website Nice, isn't it? Cleaner, simpler, better looking and more modern. If you have any suggestions for further improvements I'd be glad to hear them. Simpler licensing With SSMS tools Pack 2.7 the licensing is finally where it should be. It is now based on the ...

SQL Server: Writing CASE expressions properly when NULLs are involved 18 Mar 2013
We’ve all written a CASE expression (yes, it’s an expression and not a statement) or two every now and then. But did you know there are actually 2 formats you can write the CASE expression in? This actually bit me when I was trying to add some new functionality to an old stored procedure. In some ...

Few events I’m speaking at in early 2013 12 Feb 2013
2013 has started great and the SQL community is already brimming with events. At some of these events you can come say hi. I’ll be glad you do! These are the events with dates and locations that I know I’ll be speaking at so far.   February 16th: SQL Saturday #198 - Vancouver, Canada The ...