17th - 19th July 2014

The International Centre, Telford

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Mark S. Rasmussen

Mark has worked extensively with SQL Server, primarily focused on performance optimization and internals. Besides SQL Server Mark is also proficient in the Microsoft .NET development stack with a decade of experience. Fueled by his interest in the nitty-gritty details and feedback from an early presentation, Mark started the OrcaMDF open source project that aims to provide a completely standalone parser for SQL Server MDF files. Mark is an active member of the Danish community, speaking avidly at local events & user groups and is recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Designated Information Provider. Furthermore he blogs actively at http://improve.dk.
http://improve.dk http://feeds.feedburner.com/Improvedk

Based on my experience in creating OrcaMDF, an open source MDF file parser, I'll go through the primary storage structures, how to parse pages, headers, internal base tables, b-tree structures as well as the supporting IAM, GAM, SGAM and PFS pages.
In this deep(!) dive session. I will walk you through the internal storage format of MDF files. I'll cover how SQL Server stores its own internal metadata, how it knows where to find your data, and how to read it once found.

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Presenting at SQL Saturday #275 04 Feb 2014
I’m happy to announce that I’ll be presenting at SQLSaturday #275 in Copenhagen on March 29th! I’ll be presenting my Recovering Data from Fatally Corrupt Databases session: Imagine the worst case scenario: Your database won’t come online. Lots of checksum errors logged. DBCC ...

SQL Server Corruption Recovery – When All Else Fails 06 Nov 2013
In this post I want to walk through a number of SQL Server corruption recovery techniques for when you’re out of luck, have no backups, and the usual methods don’t work. I’ll be using the AdventureWorksLT2008R2 sample database as my victim. A Clean Start To start out, I’ve ...

Corrupting Databases on Purpose Using the OrcaMDF Corruptor 05 Nov 2013
Sometimes you must first do evil, to do good. Such is the case when you want to hone your skills in corruption recovery of SQL Server databases. To give me more material to test the new RawDatabase functionality, I’ve now added a Corruptor class to OrcaMDF. Corruptor does more or less what ...

OrcaMDF RawDatabase – A Swiss Army Knife for MDF Files 04 Nov 2013
When I initially started working on OrcaMDF I had just one goal, to gain a deeper knowledge of MDF file internals than I could through most books available. As time progressed, so did OrcaMDF. While I had no initial plans of doing so, OrcaMDF has ended up being capable of parsing base tables, ...

PowerPad – Powerpoint Presenters View for Tablets & Phones 28 Oct 2013
I love presenting, especially so when it’s possible for me to do so alongside Powerpoints presenters view. Unfortunately I’m an even bigger fan of ZoomIt and I use it extensively when presenting. Why is that an issue? To use ZoomIt effectively, not just in demos but when showing slides ...