BDA and BDW Appliance Deep Dive

This session will drill into some of the details on the shipping HP BDA and BDW appliances and how they can work well together to deliver a comprehensive BI and DW solution for customers.  Advances in the Microsoft Applications Platform include powerful new features and capabilities. BI and DW capabilities exposed in SQL Server, Analysis & Reporting Services, PowerPivot, and SharePoint deliver world-class capabilities. This infrastructure delivers multi-dimensional information to familiar and easy to use end-user applications -- extending reach while minimizing training requirements and complexity. Pre-configured data warehouse and business intelligence Appliances can dramatically accelerate time-to-value and reduce cost associated with infrastructure build-out, integration, and tuning. Integrated solutions can likewise free resources to focus on delivering and discovering insights and strategic value.

Presented by Britt Johnston at SQLBits IX
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    Group Manager, SQL Server Appliance Engineering
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