4th - 7th May 2016


Intro to R

R, the statistical programming language, is another open-source program making inroads into the Microsoft world. 

R was originally for doing stats, but it now does database CRUD, reporting, documentation, and even websites.  It can be awkward to know where to start, so this session fast tracks you to the sections you need to know about to save yourself pains you didn't even know you had.
Presented by Stephanie Locke at SQLBits XII
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    Steph Locke wants to live in a world where everyone she encounters enjoys their jobs and is awesome. Since she's gifted with the inability to be daunted by a task, she's using her unbounded perkiness to bring awesomeness to the people. In the day job of Principal Consultant at Mango Solutions, she roves the countryside helping people use a blend of open source and proprietary technologies to make better decisions, which hopefully means more money for businesses! When she’s not doing the day job, you can probably find her at a community event. If it's not an event she's organised, then she's at someone else's event where they've been crazy enough to let her talk or help out at. EARL, SQLBits, SQL Relay and SQL Saturday organisers have all let Steph speak and help out, and most recently she's been made a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. 
    http://steph.itsalocke.com http://itsalocke.com/feed/
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