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Simon Munro

Simon Munro is a Senior Practice Consultant with EMC Consulting.  Currently doing solution architecture on the Microsoft stack, Simon has spent more than fifteen years straddling the line between application and database development.  Over the years he has worked on a wide range of database solutions from transactional to data warehouse and various volumes and loads.

Comparison between Azure storage and SQL Data Services
Some people are attempting to unseat the dominance of teh SQL RDBMS. What are the NoSql databases? Are they a threat? Do they actually work? What do they look like? This session contains some answers and offers a context for where non relational databases fit into the picture.
A challenge to traditional patterns of processing, storing and retrieving the precious data that we are responsible for
A data professionals introduction to spatial data concepts and how they are implemented in SQL Server

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How much ALM do you need for cloud applications? 10 Jan 2013
ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) means different things to different people, and these views are largely influenced by tool vendors. IBM users may bias their view of ALM to things that the Rational toolset is good at — say requirements traceability and Java-oriented modelling. Microsoft users ...

Defining application availability 07 Mar 2012
As part of an availability model that I am working on, I got stuck right at the beginning when trying to find a definition that fits. So I went back to base principles to try and decompose what is meant by availability. This is a conceptual view, and separate from the measurement of availability ...

First Line Support in the Public Cloud 24 Mar 2011
I am working with an SME customer at the moment that is big enough to have a high dependency on their website but not big enough to have an operational team available feeding and watering their systems all day, every day. This type of customer is not only common in the self-service cloud, but is ...

Professional Tools 23 Nov 2010
Underpowered machines chosen by a faceless Excel user are the bane of developers in corporate environments. How can we get them to understand that they are simply not qualified to make decisions about the tools that we need? My late grandfather was a carpenter by trade and I grew up hearing stories ...

It Is ‘Technology X’ vs ‘Technolgy Y’ For Most Developers 08 Nov 2010
The recent furore that erupted over Microsoft’s ‘shifting’ of focus for Silverlight and their somewhat wishy-washy attempts to clarify their position illustrates a fundamental disconnect between the Microsoft machine and the lives and careers of the developers that use their tools. An enterprise ...