Rob Sewell

Rob is a SQL Server DBA with a passion for Powershell and automation currently supporting several hundred databases ranging from SQL 2000 to SQL 2012 and including Ingres and Oracle. Rob has volunteered and spoken at community events through the UK and is an organiser for SQL Saturday Exeter
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Starting to use Powershell in your team and struggling with understanding the best way to achieve this? Learn from my real-life examples to bring the power of PowerShell automation to your team and how you can accomplish this quickly and easily

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Changing Delay Between Responses for SQL Alerts with Powershell 18 Nov 2014
So you have read that you should have alerts for severity levels 16 to 24 and 823,824 and 825 on or maybe you have used sp_blitz and received the Blitz Result: No SQL Server Agent Alerts Configured and like a good and conscientious DBA you have set them up. Hopefully you also have ...

#tsql2sday #60 – Something New Learned – Problem Step Recorder 10 Nov 2014
What is T-SQL Tuesday? T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party hosted by a different blogger each month. This blog party was started by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter). You can take part by posting your own participating post that fits the topic of the month and follows the requirements ...

Generating T-SQL Randomly with Powershell 05 Nov 2014
I have a lab on my laptop running various servers so that I can problem solve and learn and recently I wanted to add several months of data into a database. I had created a stored procedure to take some parameters perform some logic and insert the data. To execute the stored procedure in T-SQL ...

Emailing Disk Space Alerting With Powershell 04 Nov 2014
  A DBA doesn’t want to run out of space on their servers, even in their labs! To avoid this happening I wrote a Powershell script to provide some alerts by email. This is the script and how I worked my way through the solution. I hope it is of benefit to others. The script […]

Number of VLFs and Autogrowth Settings Colour Coded to Excel with PowerShell 06 Oct 2014
So you have read up on VLFs No doubt you will have read this post by Kimberly Tripp and this one and maybe this one too and you want to identify the databases in your environment which have a large number of VLFs and also the initial size and the autogrowth settings of the log […]